Kwikset Locks

In this modern era, keeping a home safe and secure is becoming more of a challenge with the increase in availability of gadgets and high tech equipment. Gone are the days when a simple lock and key could do the job.  At Toplocksmiths, we understand the challenges that come with choosing security solutions for your building, be it residential, or commercial and we are proud to be able to offer you world-renowned locks and lockset solutions such as that provided by Kwikset.

Kwikset is a company in the USA that manufactures lock and locksets. It was founded in 1946 with an original lock which sported a tubular design. This design was called “Kwikset” because of the speed with which it could be installed and serviced when compared to other locks and locksets. Kwikset Company is primarily associated with its pin-tumbler lock pattern. Some modern Kwikset designs feature wafer locks, and electronic locks as well.

Kwikset Product

What are Kwikset locks?

Kwikset offers highly reliable, premium quality lock and lockset designs that are known the world over and come highly recommended from top locksmiths in the UK like Toplocksmiths.  In 1957, Kwikset was acquired by the American Hardware Corporation and became known as the No 1 manufacturer of residential locksets. Kwikset is known as a leader in locks technology and offer a wide range of lock solutions including electronic keyless entry locks for residential buildings and commercial buildings with light use.

They were the first to introduce electronic keyless systems (smart scan) which made use of fingerprint scanners to unlock doors. They have since refined this technology to introduce better locks that operate based on the same keyless technologies. This includes a system called the Key Control Deadbolt which uses Smartkey® technology patented by Kwikset that allows you to rekey your locks without removing them from your door.

What makes a Kwikset lock special?

Kwikset locks are special because Kwikset offers a variety of lock solutions that are easy to install and also highly efficient in keeping the home safe. They have a few patented lock solutions and an example is the Smartkey® deadbolt. They have combination locks that feature keyless entry. Their Kevo lock and other unique designs make them stand out from other lock manufacturers.

Kwikset repeatedly meets the needs of our clients at Toplocksmiths and our locksmith technicians all agree that Kwikset solutions are innovative, user friendly and a pleasure to install and maintain. Their range of solutions features deadbolts, handle sets, door levers and door knobs that are decorative in nature and electronic systems that feature protective features for maximum home security.

What is the Kwikset lock mechanism?

Kwikset provides different types of door hardware and lock functions, an acknowledgement of the fact that different doors cater to different needs, depending on the location in the house. They have a deadbolt which is a solid and durable lock that is comprised of a latch bolt controlled with a key. These can be either single or double cylinder, depending on whether the key is used on one side or on both sides of the door. Deadbolts are often used on doors leading to the home exterior that require maximum security. One noteworthy feature of their deadbolts is the Smartkey® technology.

Kwikset also offers a range of keyless entry electronic locks that are primarily operated by a touchpad or a keypad with a keyway for backup. Although they are not designed for commercial use,