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ABUS is a German security tech company with a goal to create products that makes people feel more secure. ABUS is one of the foremost manufacturers of consumer security and safety products in the world, setting the standard for innovation and quality worldwide. One of the leading products that ABUS is known for are bike locks and padlocks. The name “ABUS” is the shortened version of the founder, August Bremicker und Sohne.

There are other divisions of the multinational company, ABUS Security Center GmBH & co. and ABUS Pfaffenhaim. With Global operations around the world and 3,500 employees, ABUS delivers customized security solutions to all continents based on the original German production to ensure synergy and guarantee top-quality products approved by international standard bodies.

An ABUS lock

What is the history of ABUS?

In 1924, August Bremicker and his sons started a small business solely focused on the production of padlocks in the village of Volmarstein, Germany. Little did they know that 90 years later, the brand would become a name associated with top-notch security in Germany and the rest of the world. Through tireless efforts, genius expertise, technological advancement and the ideal combination of sales and production, ABUS has maintained the same principles across four generations, “Security built on quality”.

The company suffered a major blow during WWII but resumed production in 1947 with 70 employees and a manufacturing plant in Hegestraße, Hamburg. In 1949, they created the first diskus padlock (still in production today). Brass padlocks and bicycle locks in 1958 and by 1960, they launched a major marketing campaign to advertise their products. Fast forward to 1996 when ABUS is accepted to the prestigious German Standards, Brands of the Century in testament to the innovative, cost-effective solutions they have engineered over the years.

What are the divisions of ABUS?

ABUS Pfaffenhain GmbH – An established specialist in designing and creating premium locking, ABUS Pfaffenhaim produces high-end locking systems for the ABUS group. For over 60 years, they’ve designed world-renowned locking systems such as general master keys, central locking systems and made to measure locks for domestic and commercial use.

ABUS Security center: the security center creates innovative video surveillance, alarm systems and electronic access controls. The products are designed for private users, small businesses and medium scale enterprises. Some of the products include surveillance cameras, wired and wireless alarm systems, digital video surveillance recorders and hybrid solutions for synchronizing new models of network cameras with analogue cameras.

ABUS KG: this is the main division of ABUS that manufactures padlocks and other security solutions for commercial and domestic properties. Some of the main products include bicycle helmets & locks, door and window security, load safety and motorbike locks among others.

What products are sold at ABUS?

ABUS produces one of the most diverse collection of preventive security devices, software and locks. The lock products are manufactured under two divisions:

Bike locks: Millions of bikes are stolen every year and to mitigate this ABUS delivers an impressive range of bike locks featuring lock chain combinations, U-shackle locks, cable, steel-o-flex and frame locks. Some of the award-winning products include the BORDO Alarm, coil cable lock universal 875, combiflex 205, wall anchors, bike holders, NutFix, among other bike security solutions.

Padlocks: ABUS is one of the world’s largest producers of high quality padlocks. Whatever your padlock needs from Brass, combination locks, aluminum, Ecolution, titalium and the classic Diskus, ABUS has them. The best-selling products include ABUS 20/70 KD B Extreme Diskus Padlock, ABUS Granit U-Lock and the ABUS 55/40 solid brass padlock.

How secure are ABUS Locks?

Flagship products such as the Bordo 6500 is 100% secure. ABUS gave the lock 15/15 complete security rating and Sold Secure gave them a gold rating as a high security bike lock in risk areas or situations. Where bolt cutters are concerned, the bike lock have wider bars than a U-lock, which makes it harder to cut.

ABUS Granit X Plus 540 has been rated as the most comprehensive U-lock bike lock with a 5 star rating from TheBestBikeLock. The shackle is made from a unique type of hardened German steel, shaped into a parabolic square. ABUS claims the lock will resist up to 13 tons of cutting force, which simply means there is no bolt cutter than can saw through it.

The Abus 80TI/50 is one of the hardest padlocks for burglars to cut. It features six security pins that make it difficult to pick. The padlock has a solid body made from titalium aluminium alloy, protected with steel shackles.


An ABUS lock

How much will I spend on ABUS locks?

Popular products in Amazon store shows top products such as:

ABUS diskus keyed padlock at $29.97: The product has 4.6/5 from 198 customer reviews on Amazon. Some described it as a complex key with rough locking mechanism. However, it is reliable, durable and opens easily even in ice. Most customers described it as a solid lock they used for securing their storage units and the best disc-style lock they’ve used.

ABUS 80TI/50 is a padlock tagged with the Amazon’s Choice, a recognition only given to top quality products. The item currently sells for $8.18 and has an overall rating of 4.4/5 from 113 reviews. Some customers praised the core, which features six pins, lightweight nature of the padlock and a good master lock well worth the price. One customer said a locksmith recommended it to him and the padlock has remained strong through four climate seasons without rusting or breaking.

ABUS 10KS chain link: This is one of the few products with a 5-star rating from Amazon. It sells for $58.96 and customers who have used this product only have good things to say about the bike lock. One customer complained about the 8 lbs. weight of the lock but praised the security the lock offers. Most customers reviewed that since they bought the bike lock, they don’t have to worry about leaving their bike outside for long periods of time. The thickness of the chain will make thieves to think twice before stealing the bike.


If you’re looking for a complete solution to secure your home, office, storage units and bikes, TopLockSmiths recommends ABUS locks for protection and impenetrable security. To find out more about the price list, call TopLockSmith on phonexxx and we’ll be happy to recommend the best options for your security needs.

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