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What is it About ASEC Locks?

ASEC locks is a British brand that stands out in the production of quality and yet affordable security systems and range of locks. ASEC is guided by innovation and quality as its driving force. A major manufacturer of high quality access control entry for industrial commercial and residential buildings, organizations and individuals can use ASEC’s smart technology to protect every area of their property. Among ASEC’c range of products are their include Sash-locks, Mortice Deadlocks , Smart Door Locks and Rim Night Latches.

ASEC is one of the fastest growing security companies in the UK and partners with us at Top Locksmiths to deliver security products all over the country. As authorized dealers for ASEC locks and accessories, we provide, install and service a wide range of home and commercial locks that is durable and long lasting.

Join our thousands of satisfied customers within and outside London that get their ASEC locks from us.

An ASEC lock

Why should you go with ASEC?

The ASEC brand is synonymous with quality products and has become a name that locksmiths and security professionals have come to trust. ASEC has a wide portfolio of about 1800 products which range from Architectural Hardware, Locking Products, Key Cutting, uPVC, Tools and Accessories. ASEC evolves daily ideas and innovations to meet the demands of the ever growing security needs. ASEC has a full range of security products and locks at affordable prices such as Mortice Locks, Bathroom Locks, Rim Night latches, range of Padlocks including Brass Body Padlocks, Discus Padlocks and Straight Shackle Padlocks. With over 10 years experience in quality lock production, ASEC has become a brand trusted to provide quality lock and security products.

One of ASEC’s masterpieces, the standard Euro Double Cylinder, the 70mm Kite Elite comes with the 3 Star Kitemark that guarantees exceptional design and durability. This device comes with an anti-bumping and anti-pick feature that is guaranteed to provide an impenetrable protection for your home or office. Each and every one of ASEC’s lock has a 6-pin BSI Kitemarked mechanism. The Kitemark is UK’s standard for efficient workmanship and guaranteed durability.

ASEC locks are ideal for a multiple of situations. From high tech security locks for laboratories and top secret facilities, to home locks and small padlocks. Each lock is built intentionally to keep intruders away and assure safety and security.

ASEC range of locks and security products offer excellent long lasting locks at affordable prices, whatever your requirement, we have the ASEC Lock to meet it.

How can I prevent against lock snapping?

Lock snapping is a seriously growing threat in the UK. Intruders only have to apply enough force to a cylinder for it to break in two and then, they gain access into a home. ASEC’s anti snap cylinder meets the required 3 star cylinder specification needed to defeat intruders. It was designed to intentionally break if enough pressure is applied. However, this thoughtfully engineered device will only break into a predetermined position with a large portion of the cylinder still intact. The remaining part of the cylinder is capable of providing adequate security for your door and can only be opened with a key.

ASEC lock cylinder is a good example of a 3 star kite mark cylinder guaranteed to prevent lock snapping and can be gotten from us at Top Locksmiths as an authorized ASEC partner and dealer.

If you are looking to replace your door lock and protect against lock snapping then give us a call today, our team will be on hand to explain more to you.

The range of ASEC products available at Top Locksmiths includes deadlocks, sashlocks, padlocks and cylinder locks. For industrial or commercial solutions, we have high quality panic bolts, push button locks, cash boxes, safes and more.

Why get your ASEC products from us?

For more than 4 years, Top Locksmith has been providing professional and expert locksmith services both within and outside London. When you come to us for your ASEC locks or any of our numerous locksmith services, you are guaranteed the same expertise and professionalism our numerous clients have been enjoying for 4 years. Our vetted team, fully trained locksmiths available all day and our quality services is a testimony to our expertise.

Over the years, we have become renowned in the city of London because of our prompt service, speedy response and quality products, and we are ever available to assist residential and commercial owners with prompt, affordable and high quality services and ASEC locks. We have a wide range of ASEC’s products such as Mortice Locks, Bathroom Locks, Rim Night latches, Padlocks including Brass Body Padlocks, Discus Padlocks and Straight Shackle Padlocks and much more. We guarantee immediate response of less than 60 minutes, which means, that you can get back to your routine in little or no time. Our partnership with ASEC gives you the guarantee that you are getting excellent services at a great price. If you are an architect or a builder, or you are in charge of any construction project or just a house owner with a lock situation. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can be of service.

How can we be of service?

Locked out of your house? Never fear. Need a quality lock product? Look no further. Whatever your lock need or requirement is, our locksmith service can get you up and running in no time. If you are looking for a competent locksmith company that supply, install and repair ASEC locks and products. Then you can take advantage of our years of experience and skilled workers to get your requirements met. We are available to provide installation, repair and maintenance services 24/7. Our locksmiths are fully trained, well vetted and have the necessary skills and experience to satisfy your every lock and security need.

We are always on hand to provide fast, quality and satisfying services whenever you call us.

If you need more any ASEC product for your home security, give us a call today.

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