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Securing your property is your priority, and using the right type of locks contribute significantly to the security of your property and valuables. Are you a builder looking for top quality locks to secure your building? Being a property-owner is a big deal and knowing you made the best decisions about the security of your building will help you sleep better at night. Toplocksmiths offer you expert advice on selecting locks that provide you with maximum security and at Toplocksmiths, we offer Banham locks which are known the world over to be highly secure, reliable, and difficult for the common burglar to penetrate.

Toplocksmiths offers the advantage of specially trained locksmith technicians, guaranteed to provide you with expert installation services together with competitive prices for top quality Banham locks. When you choose Toplocksmiths you can expect original Banham locks, together with security advice on how best to maintain your locks and keep your home secure. The assurance of your security comes in addition to the fact that all our staff undergo extensive checks to make sure all our clients are doubly safe.

What are Banham locks?

Banham locks are known worldwide for their ability to proffer maximum safety. Banham has been in the lock industry for over 90 years and have received the prestigious Metropolitan Police Awards 8 consecutive times. This award acknowledges the reduced quantity of false police alerts that project that the Banham locks are of very high quality, safety and security wise.

The Banham industry are accredited members of the Master Locksmith Association. They are also gold standard members of the National Security Inspectorate. With Banham’s over 90 years in the security industry, you can trust that when you invest in Banham locks, you are investing in a long history of efficacy and security door locks, safes, and access control entry systems.

What makes a Banham Lock special?

Banham locks are uniquely designed with patented technologies that guarantee that they are difficult to penetrate. Banham locks come in different types and models. The L2000 Rim deadbolt has several finishes that vary in type from polished brass, satin chrome, bronze, polished chrome as well as satin brass. Its design makes it perfect for doors that have a thickness range of 30mm to 50mm. An extended cylinder will be needed for doors that are thicker than 50 mm.

The Banham lock has special features, which are – a cylinder and key (which are patented) and a 6-pin drill resistant cylinder. It also has a key registration system (that is both patent and copyright protected) with a 10 inch striker plate and a saw-resistant steel bolt placed on the door frame.

What is the Banham door lock mechanism?

The Banham door lock has a double cylinder with a dead latch that is automatic and self-locking. The advantage of this is that you get a system that locks instantly and automatically. The system also keeps the door locked both when the owner is at home and when he exits the building. To ensure paramount protection, the indicator should be in place against the surface lock when the door is closed. That way, the mechanism for deadlocking is guaranteed to be in full position and the lock bolt is ensured to be completely thrown.

Does a Banham lock guarantee maximum security?

Banham Door Locks Company have been recipients of multiple awards and recognition from London Police. They are also the official security for London Met. Their numerous accolades and awards indicate that they provide locks that are known to be easily penetrable, secure as well as reliable for the daily user. You can trust that when you get your Banham locks from Toplocksmiths, you are guaranteed original and top quality products that will stand the test of time and provide you with the security that you need.

How much do Banham locks cost?

Banham locks vary in price according to model, but getting your Banham locks from Toplocksmiths guarantees that you get quality at a competitive price. Installation by our specially trained team of locksmiths will give you the assurance of quality and professionalism all at once. Depending on the chosen model, a Banham lock can be obtained at prices starting from £ 132 for a standard L2000 Rim deadbolt. To find out the specifics of Banham Locks pricing, please call us to get a full quotation from our friendly customer service. No pressure.

Who will help me install my Banham Locks?

Toplocksmiths are professionals at lock installations and will not only supply you Banham locks at competitive prices, but will also have them securely installed. We have our in-house team of specially trained and completely vetted lock installation technicians. We offer round the clock lock maintenance and a full range of security services that is guaranteed to keep your property and valuables safe.

Do Banham locks have any guarantee?

All Banham locks are issued with a one year warranty and you can also get an extended warranty when you opt for a guaranty agreement. When you get Banham locks from an authorised supplier such as Toplocksmiths, and their professional installers, you also get the guarantee of quality, durability, and safety. The Toplocksmiths security advantage lies in their team of fully trained and certified staff that have undergone extensive checks to guarantee our customers maximum safety. At Toplocksmiths, we understand that locks can be the weakest link in the security system. Locks can also offer maximum security. Keeping you and your property safe and secure is a function of a properly installed, fully functional lock system.

Can Toplocksmiths supply and install Banham locks in the evening?

Yes we can. Toplocksmiths offer round the clock lock installation and maintenance or repair services. Whatever the time, if you need assistance or expert advice for your lock and security issues, call Toplocksmiths and we will be there in an instant. We offer a fully flexible 24/7 range of services. So whatever the lock issue, whatever the time, you can call Toplocksmiths to deliver expertise and trust.




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