Chubb Locks

What are Chubb Locks?

Chubb locks are one of the most recognizable lock brands in the world. Its unique products and innovative security solutions are highly trusted by homeowners, builders and security professionals. The Chubb brand offers a varied range of high security lock devices such as the mortise deadlocks, night latches, sash locks among others. Over the years, Chubb has continually maintained a high level of security and durability for its locks with a combination of constant research, development and high quality materials. Also known as the Union-C series, the Chubb brand still produces today as it did more than 200 years ago, quality locks and security devices such as the British Standard BS3621 insurance approved locks. This reputable global brand has partnered with an equally reputable London Brand, Top Locksmith to supply, install and service all Chubb’s product within and outside London.

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How secure are Chubb locks?

Chubb locks are well know by locksmiths all over London and respected for their high security standards, which is built to meet the British Standard BS3621 insurance requirements. This makes the lock a very secure device. Before a lock can be certified British Standard BS3621, it has to meet a set of stringent security requirements and has to be a deadlock that can be opened from both sides with a key. This prevents anyone from gaining access through the door without a key.

Chubb’s detector lock for instance, makes it impossible for a lock picker to tamper with; it also retains evidence of any tampering for the owner’s benefit. The detector lock jams in a locked state if any attempt is made to open it with a key other than its own. With a complex production process and constant innovation, Chubb has been able to maintain the same high level of security and durability its locks are known for worldwide.

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What are the options?

Chubb locks come in a variety of range and styles, such as the Chubb night latches, Chubb Mortise deadlocks, Chubb door bolts, Chubb door locks and more. The Chubb 5 lever 3G114E conforms to British standard and is a high quality lock guaranteed to serve its purpose. It has a still anti drill panel on the side of the lock and can only be unlocked by a key from both sides. It comes in brass, chrome and silver. To increase your home’s security, the Chubb mortise deadlocks can be shipped with compatible micro-switches.

Our stock of Chubb’s battleship padlocks is ideal for securing your valuable boxes, sheds, cabinets or any lockable item. With a 6 lever mechanism, the Chubb battleship padlock is the ultimate in all Chubb padlocks.

Explore our wide range of Chubb 5 Lever mortise locks, Chubb battleship padlock and other Chubb locks and security products.

Bought over by Union and Yale in 2010, the Chubb 5 Lever mortise locks range is now produced by Union to the same high standards and with the same quality materials, so you know that you are buying the same level of reliability, quality and security.

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Why makes Top Locksmith special?

Top Locksmith has become synonymous with genuine quality product and quality services all over London. We are always ready and ever available to assist residential home owners, architects, designers, contractors and commercial property owners with prompt, affordable and high quality Chubb locks sales and services.

Top Locksmith has been providing professional and expert locksmith services both within and outside London for 4 years. When you come to us for Chubb locks sales, repair or installation, or any of our other numerous products and services, you are sure of expertise and professionalism gotten from years of satisfactory service.

Top Locksmith provides genuine Chubb locks. We provide fast, affordable service to the entire Chubb lock range within and outside London. Our vetted and well trained staffs are extremely knowledgeable in fixing and resolving any Chubb lock issue. Our sales, supply and installation services are highly sought out for and we have thousands of satisfied customers to our credit.

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Chubb key not working?

Have you got a broken Chubb lock? Don’t panic, just call us. With over 4 years experience installing and fixing Chubb locks, we can get you sorted out in no time at all. Our well trained and well vetted technicians are available to fix your Chubb lock efficiently, quickly and affordably.

We offer quality sales, professional installation and affordable servicing of all Chubb locks and other locks and security devices in London and environs.

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Need a locksmith?

Chubb products is just one of our specialty, Top Locksmith also provides locksmith services to all types of key/lock manufactures. Whether you need a locksmith for residential locks, industrial locks or commercial locks, we offer everyday locksmith services in London and its environs. Take advantage of our years of experience and skilled workers to get your requirements met. Our locksmiths are well vetted, fully trained and satisfy all the necessary requirements needed to carry out locksmith duties in the UK.

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