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What is Corbin Russwin?

Since the 1800s, Corbin Russwin has been considered one of the leading manufacturers of quality locks and locks accessories. Known for producing innovative and quality locks, door closers, electronic control and virtually any kind of key system, Corbin Russwin gives a value that customers will not regret in their choice of locks for interior and exterior uses. Join the thousands of satisfied customers within and outside London that get their Corbin Russwin locks from Top locksmith.

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Are you worried about your security?

Do you live in a high risk area and worry about the security of your life, family and properties? Corbin Russwin has the solution to put your mind at rest. Their devices are perfect for educational institutions, healthcare facilities, household and commercial security. The Corbin Russwin CL3100 series is ideal for even the toughest situations or neighborhood. This unique masterpiece is designed to last even longer than the facility it is installed in. The CL3100 comes with a patented T-Zone lock that has a latch tube and lock-body that interlock in an unassailable way. This vandal resistant lock provides the strength and durability that exceeds even the highest requirements for torque and cycle testing. This easy to maintain and affordable lock is one of the flagships of the Corbin Russwin brand. Give us a call today so that you never have to worry another day.

Have something else in mind?

Are you working on a new project or modifying an existing project? Are you not exactly sure of what you really need? Corbin Russwin has a variety of locks for a wide range of security applications. Our experts are on hand to meet your requirements on anything, from padlocks to deadbolts and special purpose locks; all are easily available for purchase or installation.

Corbin Russwin high grade mortise locks are specially designed to meet the needs of high traffic, high usage, commercial, industrial, institutional and government uses. These locks are so strong, they are perfect for schools, hospitals, offices, residences and any other facility that requires durable, reliable and long lasting security devices.

Corbin Russwin’s exit devices are engineered to withstand high use and high abuse. These devices allow for easy and safe egress and are the perfect choice for a multiple of settings, from use in educational institutions, to hospitality and healthcare facilities.

Corbin Russwin’s three point automatic deadbolt locks are designed to provide in-swing shutter lock in sage shelters and security storages. The multi point lock automatically activates when the device is closed and easily opens with one single lever activation.

Corbin Russwin’s key systems provide a backbone for your building’s security. Each hardware product can be configured into an access control device. A large variety of key systems and cylinder types from Corbin Russwin will provide Tue right combination of security and convenience for any function.

Corbin Russwin’s ranges of tubular locks are designed with the ease of installation in mind. These high quality tubular locks are ideal for closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, sliding doors and a wide range of other applications.

We have a wide collection of Corbin Russwin’s exit devices, designed for use in high abuse situations. Combine this with a variety of options to give your project the desired function, style and finishing. The beauty of these devices is the ease of exit. If your project is concerned about beauty and aesthetics, then the Museo decorative hardware will be perfect for you. These beautifully designed lines of door levers will create an overall aesthetic design without compromising on quality and function.

For your next project, using Corbin Russwin’s range of door closers will provide you with a reliable latching system that meets even the toughest safety requirements. Designed from cast iron or cast aluminum, these devices are made to withstand high traffic and constant use. Or you can choose any of the Corbin Russwin products in our stock that meets your particular requirement. Give us a call today and find out more available locks and security devices that will be perfect for your next project.

What makes us special?

Top Locksmith has been providing professional and expert locksmith services both within and outside London for 4 years. With a team of vetted and fully trained locksmiths available all day, our services quality service is a testimony to our expertise. When you come to us for your Corbin Russwin locks or any of our numerous locksmith services, you are guaranteed the same expertise and professionalism our numerous clients have been enjoying for 4 years.

Our years of quality service has made us indispensable in the city of London and we are proud and ever available to assist residential and commercial owners with prompt, affordable and high quality services and Corbin Russwin’s locks. We have a wide range of Corbin Russwin’s products such as auxiliary locks, cylindrical locks, door closers, decorative hardware, access control devices, exit devices, mortise locks, key systems, specialty hardware, multipoint locks, tubular locks and much more. We guarantee immediate response of less than 60 minutes, which means, that you can get back to your routine in little or no time. Our partnership with Corbin Russwin gives you the guarantee that you are getting excellent services at a cost effective price. Are you an architect or a builder, or are you in charge of any construction project or just a house owner with a lock situation? Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can be of service.

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Never fear. Our locksmith service can get you in, and in no time. Or are you looking for a competent locksmith company that sells, installs and repairs Corbin Russwin locks and products? Take advantage of our years of experience and skilled workers to get your requirements met. We provide installation, repair and maintenance services 24/7. Our locksmiths are well vetted, fully trained and satisfy all the necessary requirements needed to carry out locksmith duties in the UK.

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