Deadbolt Locks

How does the mechanism of a Deadbolt Lock function?

A deadbolt’s opening/locking mechanism is typically controlled by using a knob or a key to operate it. The deadbolt lock doesn’t make use of any springs to open or lock and this gives it a much sturdier design than locks that do. The lack of a spring makes it very difficult to jimmy or force open a door that’s fastened with a deadbolt. This is why the deadbolt is such a common security feature in both residential and commercial buildings all across the UK.

But as strong as a deadbolt is, its effectiveness in securing a door might be undermined by poor installation. To get the best results from having a deadbolt installed, it’s advisable one has a professional locksmith such as our experts at TopLocksmiths help put it in place. By going about an installation in this manner, you are guaranteed of having a high quality deadbolt installed on your home or business’ door by a professional who knows what he/she is doing. Get a fault free and reliable deadbolt lock installation today by calling us now.

Deadbolt lock

Types of available Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts are not limited to a single type and each design offers a different level of security as well as its own unique advantages. The higher the quality of a deadbolt, the more security you can expect from it. The most commonly available deadbolt locks are the Single Cylinder variety, the One Sided Cylinder Deadbolt (with exterior rim), One Sided Deadbolt (without exterior rim), and the Double Cylinder Deadbolt.

Single cylinder deadbolts are operated by a twist knob on one end and make use of a key on the other end. The double cylinder deadbolt on the other hand can accept a key from either side of the door and has no twist knob. When you call on us at TopLocksmiths to install a deadbolt on your London home or business, the level of security you want is what will determine the deadbolt type we will put in place on your door.

Quality of the Deadbolt Locks we install

From the original deadbolt, also known as the “jimmy-proof lock” which was invented by Samuel Segal, the locking mechanism has evolved into more sophisticated and secure versions. At TopLocksmiths, we only offer our London clients the best possible choices of deadbolts that will deliver optimal security and stay functional without problems for years to come.

We only install deadbolts from leading security lock manufacturers in order to ensure our clients are getting the finest quality security lock. Asides from quality deadbolt locks, we also have on our team deadbolt specialists that can effectively have a deadbolt lock installed on your home or business fast and effectively. Our services are available round the clock and we can deliver assistance with your locks whenever you need it with our emergency services. Contact us now to arrange a meeting or have a deadbolt lock of your choice promptly installed.

Cost of our Deadbolt Lock installation services?

Quality deadbolts aren’t the cheapest type of lock you can have installed on your door and the value of the lock is simply a testament of its resilience and efficiency. But by contacting us at TopLocksmiths for installation or replacement of a deadbolt lock, you will have access to competitive prices on some of the best quality deadbolts available on the market. We can offer you such a good bargain on deadbolts and their installation because of the special relationship we have with lock manufacturers.

Rather than compromise the security of your home or business with a cheap and weak deadbolt, let us install a top of the line one for you at a price you will find amenable. Call us now for a quote!

Get quality deadbolt locks you can rely on for security today!

We have been providing professional locksmith services in London for several years now, and in that time, we have repeatedly witnessed the effectiveness of quality deadbolts when it comes to security. The sight of the lock and the knowledge of how much effort it will take to force it open is in itself a sufficient deterrent for most burglars.

We can install deadbolt locks on a variety of doors including wood and metal ones. If you would like to receive prompt deadbolt or deadlock installation services anywhere in London at bargain prices, contact deadbolt experts you can trust at TopLocksmiths now!

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