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ERA is a British company that has manufactured locks and other security products for homes since 1838. They are one of the biggest names in home security in the UK, having designed and manufactured a wide variety of door and window security products. Under the ERA brand, there are a number of industry recognised brands including Response, Schlegel, ERA, Fab&Fix, and Ventrolla. Their varied range of security products has been designed to provide a total security solution for doors and windows.

The company is currently based in the heart of the West Midlands as it has always been. They pride themselves in having in-depth knowledge about the best ways to keep British homes secure. Perhaps, that is the reason why many across the country continue to trust ERA as security experts, including police authorities and locksmiths, as well as door and window fabricators and installers.

What sets ERA apart?

In the nearly two centuries that the brand has been around, they have always stayed on top of the latest methods of production, investing in adapting their security products to the needs of their customers. Their products are centred around giving clear benefits to owners as much as they are about the installer and fabricators as well.

Offering trust and peace and mind to customers

Having been around for so long, generation after generation of British home owners have come to trust the brand. ERA hinges, handles, and locks have provided homeowners with peace of mind. The company has been able to establish itself as a leader in the manufacture of widely recognised and trusted window and door security products, as well as the most innovative of smart home solutions. Whatever products they design, the company focuses particularly on functionality, ease of installation, and durability.

Rigorous testing and innovative approach to providing security solutions

They take security and standard practice very seriously and put all their products through a rigorous testing procedure before launching them into the market. They have a UKAS accredited test house that is adequately equipped to test residential doors and windows to make sure they are of the latest industry standards. Beyond that, what they do in their test house is an important part of the process of developing new products. With that approach, they are able to make sure they only provide top quality door and window hardware for their customers.

Established relationship with customers and community

ERA does not stop at selling their security products to customers as they have dedicated an entire team to provide their customers with expert help and technical advice when they need it most. They have established reliable channels of communication including their websites, email, and phone to allow their customers have easy access to them.

ERA is as invested in the wider security market as it is in the local community. On a yearly basis, the employees nominate a national charity which the company supports. They also support Neighbourhood Watch, helping to ensure that the local communities get top quality crime prevention and security advice. In addition, they are supporters of the custodian of the country’s lock making heritage – Locksmith House Museum in Willenhall. In 1974, ERA appeared in the Guinness Book of Records for producing the largest padlock in the world, which can still be found in Willenhall today.

In touch with the larger security industry

As a member of trade associations that are relevant in the security industry, they stay on top of security trends. Even more, some of their experts sit within the committees of these leading trade associations and are able to influence industry standards. With ERA, customers get the ERA Total Security Guarantee that guarantees their home security products are recognised by the Neighbourhood Watch.

What brands make up the ERA brand family?

ERA has a wide range of window and door security products manufactured under different industry leading names.


From hinges to locks, ERA’s range covers about everything that has to do with home security. The Crompton range is about ironmongery and additional security to intercoms and alarms in order to make sure British households have access to high performing security hardware.


This range is particularly designed for windows as it includes accessories, hardware, as well as smoothly operating balances and gearing for sash windows systems. With the right precision window components, customers don’t have to deal with the issues traditional sash windows typically come with, such as draughts, jamming, and rattling.

What they do to achieve success in this area is to incorporate a self-contained balancing device that ensures equilibrium is maintained within the frame regardless of whether the window is ajar or wide open. Their functional and attractive components can be fitted with timber, aluminium, or UPVC sash windows.


This range includes decorative hardware that can be matched across the range in a variety of forms and colours to suit the tastes of any homeowner.

Response Electronics

This brand is a leader in home security system accessories including DIY alarm systems and intercoms. The Response Electronic range is particularly popular as it has been recognised by leading authorities and publications, even receiving the Daily Mail Award of Excellence in 1996.


From extruded seals and brush pile to foam, Schlegel is a market leader for weather sealing. The products in this range have been manufactured for optimal sealing and high-quality energy conservation.


Ventrolla are experts in double glazed sash windows, draught proofing, and window repair. For more than 25 years, ERA has grown a national network of skilled craftsmen who provide a sash and casement window renovation service so replacements don’t have to be done.

Ventrolla take care of the problems that have been associated with such windows, including heat loss, rattles, and draughts. With their help, customers don’t have to compromise on the cost of heating or comfort anymore. With quality renovation work done on more traditional windows, it becomes possible to preserve the aesthetic appeal of a building as well as increase its saleability and value.

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