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EVVA stands for “Erfindungs-Versuchs-Verwertungs-Anstalt”, which translates to Invention, Experimentation and Application Institute in English. The company was founded in 1919 by four engineers who were focused on the invention of new ideas. As time went on and the need for security increased, particularly in the 1930s, EVVA struck out on the path of security technology, getting awarded the first patent for a cylinder padlock in 1937.

EVVA is an Austrian family business and has always been family run. They are one of the leading manufacturers of access solutions employing the use of both electrical and mechanical systems. They are able to meet the most varied protection requirements by providing integrated total packages. Since the company was established, it has become more specialised over time, constantly adapting to current market requirements.

The original idea of application, experimentation, and invention, has remained an integral part of the company’s corporate philosophy till date. This is demonstrated in their practice of developing and producing innovative security products themselves – a practice which they have made a core component of their corporate vision. Between when the company was founded and today, they have filed applications for over 200 international and national patents. This has certainly put them in the position of a leader in security in the nearly one century that they have been operating.

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From medium-scale to international company

In 1973, the company officially established an in-house research and development department and began to invest in machinery. This laid the groundwork for future developments and further successes of the company. Since then, there have been no less than 20 employees at a time dedicated to coming up with and implementing new ideas – a system that has been instrumental to making the company an innovative force.

From a medium-sized business, the company has grown to an internationally respected industrial company – an unsurprising achievement, considering the amount of time and effort that was put into getting to that point.

Later in the seventies, as the company continued to develop technically, it also grew in terms of international positioning. By establishing links throughout Europe, EVVA grew its export and international links. Till today, the company has continued to retain a presence in several European countries. The EVVA brand is an umbrella brand that is currently represented in 53 countries, and under the parent brand, there are 33 products brands providing security solutions for a wide variety of applications.

What is EVVA’s corporate policy and mission?

EVVA’s corporate policy is centred around people, from employees and customers to partners. Their working methods and attitudes are informed by their desire to consider the requirements and personal needs of the people they work with and create solutions for. The company’s strategy is about providing its customers with the right solutions to meet all their security needs, from the most complex to the simplest.

The introduction of their slogan “access to security,” which has now become inseparable from the EVVA brand name, was an important part of the transformation of their corporate strategy. The company has gone beyond simply producing electronic and locking systems. They have now branched out into consulting on all matters regarding security technology.

The company has a concept that they refer to as ‘the EVVA trinity principle’ and its includes security, organisation, and comfort. The principle is applied during the planning process the company undergoes and it is considered in every EVVA security solution.

What informs EVVA’s quality policy?

To maintain constant compliance with top quality standards, the company implements clear guidelines. Quality to them is the product of continually improving on their services as they believe that is how way they will be able to overcome any challenges they are presented with.

Using this approach allows them to be adaptable and improve quickly. When faced with discrepancies, they improve their processes and procedures after determining the causes of such discrepancies. In other cases, they will resort to changing the requirements in order to adapt them to the real needs of the company and their customers.

Being a company that focuses on the expectations and desires of the customers, they channel their services to fulfilling those requirements. They are careful not to do, accept, or pass on anything that does not meet the expectations of everyone involved in the processes, including their customers. They have a particular focus on preventing errors as much as possible, but if errors do occur, they approach them as a challenge, taking them as an opportunity to learn.

How do EVVA view security?

To the company, security is a basic human need that is of utmost importance and must be given the closest attention. EVVA is closely concerned about the individual requirements of the people they serve regarding security in different kinds of applications, setups, and organisations.


EVVA has received several awards, proving their excellence and unwavering standard of continual innovation. These awards include ISO 9001 certification, Leonardo Award, and “Ökoprofit” Award, among others.

What security products do EVA offer?

The EVVA product range is a wide one spanning mechanical locking systems, mailbox systems, motorized cylinders, supplementary security devices, and electronic locking systems. Their selection of electronic and mechanical locking systems come with unique patented technologies that offer customers an opportunity to combine different compatible products in order to create the best solution for them.

Their mechanical locking systems are ideal for providing the necessary level of security and protection for all facilities and buildings with varying needs. The company combines high security with convenience and ease of handling, as can be seen in their electronic access concepts.

Their supplementary security devices include items such as security escutcheons and supplementary locks that provide greater protection for valuables, windows, and doors. Among their electronic locking solutions is the EMZY motorised cylinder that lets customers introduce controlled, automatic locking into their mechanical locking systems. And of course, there is their master key system software, the SATELLIT software, which has been designed to give customers complete control of their master key system.


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