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Looking for effective and competent garage door service in your area? Ranging from Doors, Locks, keys, maintenance and even replacement of doors, it is expedient that one gets it right in terms of services rendered. Getting the right services for your garage security doors can be the insurance you need from injuries of any cause, damage to property, expensive damage to the door, also the possibility of complete loss of doors due to the damage incurred.

Research shows that about 70 percent of homeowners rely on their garage door as the new front door because they enter and exit through it most of the time. This implies an increase in injury rates due to the frequent usage of the garage door. Due to this frequent usage, it is important to get a competent door service ranging from door and lock evaluations to maintenance services.

Through the years, we have witnessed the evolving of garage security doors; from old and rigid to fancy, sleek and strong. However, with time-lapse, change of climatic conditions, wares and tears and many other factors one is left with many tangible reasons why garage door injuries are rampant.

An access control system

A Professional View

A research shows attempting at do repair yourself without the right tools or knowledge, pinch points, not adjusting opener force stings properly, falling doors, releasing spring tension on extension spring systems uncontrollably and safety eyes are major causes of garage door systems’ injury. This imposes the necessity in getting professional help with both evaluation and maintenance services of one’s garage door(s).

With a reputable brand spanning 4 years and highly trained and vetted, competent and effective staff, TopLockSmiths is a great choice when it comes to providing and securing topnotch locksmith services that will guarantee the safety of you, your home and properties. Having successfully completed thousands of projects from large-scale companies to small-scale homes, TopLockSmiths gives the professional approach for your safety and security both in services and delivery, offering you quality from its reservoir of both highly trained and experienced staff.

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More than Just the Locks and Keys

A locksmith’s service(s) only come to the mind of the majority when they are locked out of either home or office for either misplacement of keys or lock damage. Although these include the services of a locksmith, we render many more services. Here are few examples of services you can get from us:

  • Key Cutting: Why would you give your key cutting to just anyone? There a few questions that answer the first and one of them is ‘are they professionals and vetted?’ They are many things that could go wrong giving your key cutting to someone who is not a professional and one of it is that you can permanently damage your locks. Another is this damage can, in turn, cost most than having it done by a locksmith. Whether it be entrance doors, windows or garage doors, think key cutting, think us.
  • Safe Security Services: Safety is a major value of a professional locksmith. From proper fitting to getting the right locks that will protect both you and your properties and prevent unauthorized entry by burglars, a professional locksmith delivers services that cut across all spectrum of safety through entry points.
  • Access Control Systems: ranging from supply to installations and maintenance, we provide top class delivery and services of access control systems, giving you an exclusive taste of comfort and security.
  • Accessing Locked Doors: Lost your garage door keys or remote? Not to worry because we can get your garage door open in no time giving you access despite the loss.
  • Safety Eyes: from survey to supplying and installing safety eyes, we ensure you are good to go. It is a fact that the force in which mechanical garage door openers pushes or pulls a garage door is enough to either kill or injure a person or pet if they get trapped. “Force settings” are built into every modern opener. This causes garage doors to reverse when it encounters high resistance while opening or closing. Safety Eyes – are sensor mechanisms that counter this by preventing the door from closing when obstructed. Get your Safety Eyes checked or installed now.
  • Balance: A rarely know fact on garage doors safety is injuries occur when parts (such as spring anchor plates, cables, springs and bottom bracket) under tension become broken or are removed. Proper installations must be done to ensure balance in a garage door. This is to ensure all springs anchor plates, springs, bottom brackets, and cables are all balanced and not overburdened with tension. If you are not sure if your garage door is balanced, reach out to us to get professional survey and services. An advice, however, will be, in checking garage door balance is to pull door opener release mechanism with the door closed, to enable you by hand to maneuver the door. The door should stay open about 3 or 4 feet above the ground and lifting should be done easily if the door is balanced (freely running in its tracks and spring-loaded properly).
  • Fast Response: No one wants to be stranded outside their homes at any time of the day; whether sunny or not. It is disappointing enough to be denied access because of misplaced keys, more so having to wait countless hours for the response from a good locksmith. TopLockSmiths provides fast response to your contact and within little or no time you will gain access again.
  • Maintenance: It is advised that garage doors should be well oiled to avoid friction also when an old garage door span from 10 to 12 years a change is required. You can check our garage door services to see different types of doors (ranging from exquisite and fancy), that best suit you.

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Because your safety is a priority, we provide around the clock professional service to help you acquire either proper security or access into your home. With this round the clock service, you can be assured that anytime you come calling, we will be there.

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