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Are you a landlord with multiple tenants per flat? Or a business owner with more than one office custodian? Then you will need more than just one spare key.

When it comes to cutting keys, it is extremely important to use a professional locksmith. At Top Locksmiths, we are an accredited service with years of experience in the business. Our locksmiths are high-qualified and knowledgeable in the industry. Besides security and safety, our customers rely on us for the quality of service we deliver.

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If you need emergency lock services, Top Locksmiths in London has a team of experts trained to deliver immediate solutions wherever you are. Our services are available round the clock; whether it is late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, a locksmith will be waiting to answer your call.

Our services are also primed to deliver rapidly via a standby team. If you live in London, our locksmiths will be at your doorstep as quickly as possible. At, Top Locksmiths, customers are always satisfied with the result of the finished project. From key cutting to key fitting and security installations, our locksmiths are approved by the police to operate in your area.

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Cut Your Key from Code

If you are looking for code cut keys, then you have come to the right service. Our expertise in locksmith services include cutting specific keys from any type of lock.

From office furniture keys to rental property keys, we can deliver efficiently. We also cut keys from code for cars and safes. Top Locksmith’s services cover the breadth of anything with a lock.

How do we cut keys from code?

When cutting a key from code, there are two types of codes used;

  • The blind codes
  • The biting codes

Top Locksmiths use alphanumeric characters to create the keys. They convert blind codes to biting codes to manufacture a new set of keys. The biting code uses a combination of spacing and steps to provide the locksmith with information needed to cut the key.

For example, a biting code of 333 3333 and a spacing of 50 tallies with a key with 7 fairly-shallow cuts. Likewise, a 666 6666 code with a spacing of 50, is compatible with 7 much deeper cuts.

Where a code number is supplied, Top Locksmiths London can replace the keys for a large variety of office and residential locks.

What type of equipment do we use?

Our team of locksmiths use state-of-the-art key-cutting technology to provide extremely accurate results. With this technique, we can cut keys to original door or furniture specifications by simply using key code.

Key codes are available on keys, or on the surface of lock cylinders. Identify the numbers on lockers, pedestals, garage locks, car sun roof, cabinets and more.

For office furniture with a key, such as cabinets or file drawers, our keys-cut-from-code guide are useful for identifying code series for different brands.

We are also experienced in fitting keys into any lock. If you have lost your key, we can cut a new set of keys that can operate the lock. You don’t need to destroy the door and incur more costs.

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Are you stranded in front of your car?

Don’t take the expensive route. Top Locksmiths will provide you a new set of spare keys that will work for your car. Rest assured, our services are accredited by authorities and law enforcement officials. Regardless of time of day, we will show up at your location and resolve your problem.

Are you a victim of a break-in?

If you have be burgled take extra measures to secure your property. Our professionals will help you change and replace your locks with impenetrable new ones. Top Locksmiths have a rapid-response mobile van with all the equipment they need. Your locks will be fixed in one sitting and at a fixed, reasonable price.

If you feel your locks have been compromised, it will be better to get a new set of locks. Are you moving into a new building? Change the locks immediately. Expecting a more flatmates? Hire Top Locksmiths to cut from code, a fresh batch of strong keys for your door locks.

Stop hiding keys under mats and flowerpots

If you are down to one key in a flat of 3 or more tenants, a new set of professionally cut key is the best solution. Hiding keys under the door mat is an open invitation to theft. It is no longer a secret. Landlords and tenants are better off getting enough spare keys to avoid regrets.

Our expertise with locks include the following brands:

  • Eurolocks, Meridian, Roneo, Basta, Abloy, ASSA,
  • Yale, Corbin Russwin, Ingersoll Security, Mul-T-Lock
  • Union, Chubb, Interlock, Lockwood, Kwikset, Monarch
  • Legge, Dexter, Falcon, KABA Mas, Bramah, ERA, EVVA

Our expert locksmiths will cut your keys right

At Top Locksmiths, we have a dedicated team of lock professionals with decades of service experience cutting keys from code. Through the years, we have come across various types of locks, from the oddly crafted to the beautifully engineered. Nothing surprises us anymore.

Why choose Top Locksmiths to cut your keys from code?

Our business may be only four years old but the team within has more than 30 years of combined service in London and other parts of the UK.

We are police-approved, so our customers know they can trust us any time. As a credible company, we are registered with major regulatory authorities in the UK and Europe.

Top Locksmith’s long list of satisfied customers are proof of our dedication to customer satisfaction. In addition, we charge very fair; our prices are highly-affordable, even with the high quality of service we deliver.

In an emergency, you can rely on us to show up at your location- regardless of the time.

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