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The Legge lock collection features a wide variety of options for door locking and latching solutions across all budgets and applications. From the master craftsmanship of a BS Kitemarked 5 lever locks to the simple looks of a tubular mortice latch, there is a product for every need and budget.

Legge is produced under the Allegion Company, renowned for delivering security solutions for commercial and domestic buildings. Every Legge lock and latch is backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee including the rim locks and night latches that have a 3-year guarantee.

Apart from Legge, there are 26 other types of security products from Allegion such as Axa, Falcon, Brio, Schlage and Glynn-Johnson. Each security option caters to a need from medium to high so you don’t have to break the bank to cover your basic security needs.

Allegion has its headquarters in Ireland but Legge locks can be purchased from accredited retailers across the UK such as TopLockSmith at competitive prices.

What is the history of Legge locks?

Joseph Legge founded Legge Locks in 1881 while living as a border in Willenhall. His original works included a few hand presses, some shops, tools and small capital. After some time, he added a mortice, full range of cylinder, rim locks and cabinet to his designs. The set standard of good working conditions and high quality of products were developed with the name J. Legge in 1888. By 1914, he had 250 employees and his products was crossing the open seas to India, New Zealand and South Africa.

During the war, he discovered new ways to improve efficiency and boost production using more machinery and in 1945, three of his sons joined the business. The famous trademark symbol of three legs was inspired by his sons and remains in use today. The company has changed hands several times over the years. First, in 1988, it was sold to Newman Tonks Group PLC, who later traded most of its controlling shares to NT Harloc, a Kentucky based outfit in 1994.

It changed hands several more times before finding a home with Allegion after it cut off from Ingersoll Rand in 2013.

What is Legge Locks Design?

The standard Legge design combines the look of the original designs with contemporary features. Each lock has its own unique appearance but the keys look the same. The locks include mortice locks with dimensional coordination and three lever security features. In addition, there are two non-modular level locks with options for privacy locks, a variety of bathroom latches and locks and different types of surface mounted rim products.

What are the signature products from Legge Locks?

The following are some of the top-selling Legge locks

Legge 3709LK flat pattern latch: (Price £4.50) the latch opens on both sides and features holes that allow you to bolt outside or inside handles together. It features 2 sizes, one is 76mm deep case and the other 64mm deep.

Legge 159 – 2 Lever Sashlock: (Price £11.34) this sashlock is suitable for right or left hung doors, 44mm backset from fore end, 13mm bolt projection and similar features with the Legge 3709LK.

Legge 737Deadlock night latch: (Price £37.99) the latch features a 44mm backset from forehand, can be held open with snib button, or opened with an inside handle or key from the outside. It has a 5 pin cylinder and door thickness from 29mm-64mm which makes it hard to pick. Other features include two keys, staple and lock case.

Legge 3751- Bathroom Lock: (Price £20.18) customers have two options of buying the polished brass or nickel plated versions of this design. It locks on one side of the bathroom to ensure privacy but the latch can be opened on either side. Other features include 13mm bolt projection, backsets of 44mm thumb turn, 44mm follower, holes that let you bolt outside and inside handles together.

Legge 5762 – BS 5 lever sashlock: (Price £39.77) this sashlock from Legge features multiple locks that can be similarly keyed to operate each other. The latch opens on either side and it can be locked same way with a key. Other features include a 20mm bolt projection, 76mm deep case, 5 lever locking mechanism, reversible latch bolt, stainless steel forend finish and approval by insurance companies based on location within the UK (your underwriter will provide more details).

What are the customer reviews for Legge locks?

11 people reviewed Legge 3709LK-Flat Pattern Latch on safe.co.uk with an average score of 9.2/10. Everyone who bought this product praises the product for working exactly as advertised. Most reviewers said it was easy to replace and didn’t require any technical skills.

Of the five people who bought and reviewed the Legge 159-2 Lever sashlock, all of them recommend it to other customers looking to replace their lever sashlock. It has an average score of 8.8/10 on safe.co.uk with customers praising the easy to understand fitting instructions.

There are seven reviews for the Legge 727 deadlocking night latch with an average score of 9.7/10. Reviewers recommend the product as an ideal Legge replacement for old locks and latches. One customer said all he had to do was follow the instructions that came with the 727 and it was easy to fit.

The Legge 3751 has four reviews on safe.co.uk with an average score of 9.4/10. Customers praised the product for being a perfect match for their bathroom lock. The customers also commented that the product was of good quality and easy to fit.

How secure are Legge Locks?

The security level differs based on the product and function but all the above-mentioned products are top quality with at least 5 pin cylinder that make it difficult for any burglar to pick. They offer different locking mechanisms for each product, from high-security deadlock latches to medium security padlocks. The level of security provided by each product depends on the price the customer is willing to pay.


Legge’s range of latches and levers feature some of the most complex and simple designs, the goal is to engineer products that meets the security needs of the customer. If you’re considering moving into a new building we recommend Legge locks as the ideal solution for entrance locks, bedroom and bathroom locks to ensure maximum security for your home.

If you require more information on the prices or feature of any Legge locks and latches, call TopLockSmith today for more information.

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