Lever Tumbler Locks

What is a Lever Tumbler Lock?

The opening and locking mechanism of a Lever Tumbler Lock uses different levers to stop its bolt from engaging or disengaging. The predominant use of levers in the locking mechanism is what birthed this variety of door lock’s name.

On the inside of a typical type of lever tumbler lock, the tumbler(s) only need to be raised to a certain height in order to open up sufficient room for the lock’s bolt to slide past. This process of unlocking a lever tumbler lock requires the appropriate key to be slotted in to release the bolt by moving the levers high enough to disengage a door’s lock.

Various types of lever tumbler locks come with different numbers of levers. But typically, the number of levers in a lever tumbler lock is usually an odd number. The reason for having an odd number of locks is to make it possible for a lever tumbler lock to be opened from either the outside or inside of a door with the right key – the balance in number of levers is what makes this possible.

As expert London locksmiths, when our clients request for a lever tumbler lock, we usually first ascertain the level of security the client requires. This is because the more number of levers a lever tumbler lock has, the more secure it usually is. Thus, by knowing the level of security needed by a client either on their home or business, we can recommend and install a lever tumbler lock with a sufficient amount of levers.

A padlock and a key

How do Lever Tumbler Locks work?

The average Lever Tumbler Lock for a door usually has about 3-5 levers in it. With the right key, the lever can be manipulated in the appropriate sequence to unlock the door. All the levers in the lock need to be pushed to a sufficient height before the locking mechanism can be disengaged and the door opened.

Because of the distinct nature of the mechanism of Lever Tumblers, the keys usually also have a distinct shape to match the locks’ insides. A typical lever tumbler key is often bitted to enable it fit in and manipulate the levers as necessary to unlock or lock a door.

Types of Lever Tumbler Locks

There are a variety of lever tumbler locks currently available on the market, and the difference between varieties is usually based on the number of levers that are available within the lock. Different lever tumbler lock manufacturers also have certain unique differences to differentiate their product from that of other brands. But generally speaking, lever tumblers can be categorised into the following;

  • 3 Lever Locks: This is arguably the most widely available lever lock. It is mostly recommended for low security doors, such as doors within the house. We do not recommend this sort of lock for external doors.
  • 5 Lever Locks: For London clients looking for more security from a lever tumbler lock, we often recommend the 5 lever lock. The varieties of this type of lock we typically install for clients tend to come with anti-lock picking features, as well as hardened bolts and anti-drill plates for maximum protection against attempts at a forceful entry.

We have experts at TopLocksmiths who can install a lever tumbler lock of your choice on any type of door you have in mind. We can install lever tumblers on any door in your building regardless the material of the door. We also provide lever tumbler replacement and repair services.

If you are unsure concerning what sort of lever tumbler lock will be ideal for your security needs, you can contact our experts now to receive proper guidance that will help you make a well informed decision.

Quality of the Lever Tumbler Locks we install

The first major advancement in lever tumbler lock technology was brought to light by Robert Barron in 1778. It was called the Double Acting Lever Lock and it upgraded lever locks by adding more levers to what was previously a mere two lever system. Thankfully, since Robert Barron’s breakthrough, lever tumblers have undergone several upgrades over the years. We have lever tumbler locks in a wide variety and from different brands and each one offers a unique security benefit.

To ensure you get the utmost security from a lever tumbler installation, we only use locks manufactured by leading brands who have proven their competence and reliability over the years. And to ensure there are no flaws in an installation, only our expert and vetted in-house locksmiths perform installations for our London clients. Based on your security needs, we can provide a lock with the ideal amount of levers to offer optimal security.

How much do Lever Tumbler Locks cost?

The price of a Lever Tumbler is often dependent on the number of levers, the quality of the lock, as well as the lock’s brand. The cheaper a lever tumbler lock is, the more likely it is to be weak and ineffectual in the long run. This is why we only use lever tumblers from leading brands that we have tested and come to trust over the years.

TopLocksmiths can provide and install a top quality lever tumbler on your residential or commercial building and we can offer such services at competitive prices. We can offer a high quality lever tumbler at friendly prices thanks to the special relationship we have with lock manufacturers. We can also provide quality parts for the repair or replacement of a faulty lever tumbler lock. If you are ready to get a top of the line tumbler lock at a great bargain or have an already installed one you would like to have repaired, call us now!

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The mechanism design of Lever Tumblers are very intricate. To get the best lever tumbler lock that will deliver optimal security and hitch free usage, you need to contact professionals like us who can provide you a flawless Lever Tumbler Lock. We typically recommend the installation of lever tumblers from proven brands such as Chubb whose locks are capable of detecting and preventing lock picking attempts.

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