7 ways to Keep your Home safe During the Holidays

7 ways to Keep your Home safe During the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, a time of singing, celebration and family reunions. Sadly statistics reveal its’ also the time of the year when burglars are most active. What can homeowners do to keep homes and valuables safe during the holidays?

Here are some precautionary steps to take as you plan for that well-deserved vacation.

  • Install a Home Security System

When travelling for Christmas, installing a home security system increases security for your home. The security system is awake when you’re sleeping and active when you’re out of town. Burglars are less likely to attempt a break-in knowing they have to work extra hard.

Security System

  • Hire Security Experts to Suggest Changes

In the UK, many locksmith outlets will do a free security survey for your home. The aim is to find anything that needs extra fitting or outdated locks that need an upgrade. Sometimes, security experts find that clients have had the same padlocks on their garden shed or garages. With Christmas approaching its’ the right time to analyze security loopholes and make befitting changes.

  • Don’t Advertise your Trip

Everyone feels the urge to share pictures from the beach someone in Greece, or your gorgeous view in Ibiza but posting pictures of your vacation on social media alerts burglars that no one is home. An unoccupied home is a burglar’s aphrodisiac. Consider hiring a house sitter, someone you trust, to occupy your home while you’re away. They’re less likely to break in if anyone is home.

  • Hide Christmas Presents

Aside from the mystery of keeping gifts away from kids until Christmas morning, it’s safer to hide presents from potential burglars. Keep the Christmas trees away from windows or any place with a view. Thieves can easily break windows and steal what’s’ under the tree. Expensive presents like computers, cameras and electronics should be secured in a safe location away from prying eyes.

Keep Christmas presents hidden away

  • Notify your Neighbours

Precautionary moves like stopping mail service and newspaper delivery aren’t enough. Peddlers leave fliers on your doorstep and other things you can’t plan for. These are signs that the home is unoccupied. Inform your neighbours to periodically check in every morning, water your gardens and help with cleanup.

  • Watch your Christmas Lights

December is the worst month for electrical fires. From families who travel without unplugging appliances to cracked lamps and frayed cords caught in accidental fires. Inspect the strands before stringing lights on the tree. Replace broken lamps and buy new cords if the old one is frayed. Purchase laboratory tested cords and check packaging for manufacturer’s information.

  • Use Timed Lighting

Timed lightsBurglars love to operate under the cover of darkness. You can’t see them from outside, which gives them ample time to carry out their activities. Timed lighting that comes on at night will scare burglars away and give the illusion that someone is home.


Keep an eye out for door-to-door donation seekers, some of whom are burglars casing your home. Do not divulge personal information without confirming their credentials. The holidays should be a joyous season, don’t let thieves put a damper on your festive spirit. Apply these steps to secure your home from all threats.

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