How to Deal with a Broken key in a Lock

Professional Locksmiths: How to Deal with a Broken Key in a Lock

Many people today use a set of keys for their home, office, car door, car ignition or home safe. The keys are made of different materials, some of which are durable while others are fragile. The fragile keys are more likely to break in a lock compared to the durable ones. When a fragile key jams and gets stuck in a lock, it can break as you are struggling to free it. When the broken piece is trapped inside the lock, it becomes challenging to remove it using bare hands. This is especially so when the piece is lodged deep into the keyhole. In such a scenario, you have two options. You can either remove the piece by yourself or find a professional locksmith to do the job for you.

When your key breaks inside the lock, some measures can be taken before you consider calling a locksmith. These include:

Use a Magnet to Recover the Broken Piece

One of the methods of extracting a broken key from a lock is by using a magnet. Some keys are made of metals that can be pulled by a magnet. However, you have to ensure that the magnet is strong enough to pull the piece of key closer to the keyhole opening. When it gets there, you can pull it out using a pair of tweezers.

A Set of Extractors

An extractor set consists of long and slender tools that have hooks at the end. These tools are inserted into the keyhole where the hooks latch onto the broken piece of key before pulling it out. The good thing is that the extractors are more affordable when compared to the cost of calling a locksmith. However, there are situations where these tools are helpful. For example, when your key breaks inside your car door or ignition, it is not advisable to get a set of extractors. For such situations, you should find a locksmith to sort you out.

If you try to recover a broken key from a lock without success, you should look for a reliable locksmith who will recover it on your behalf. Professional locksmiths have the right tools to not only extract the broken key, but also create the replacement keys for you.

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