Locked keys inside a car

Locked keys inside a car
It can be absolutely frustrating to get to your car and you reach for your pockets and you do not have the keys. If you have kids or the pet in the car, call the emergency hotline for help without delay. If you locked the key in the car and you have no kids or pets in it, there are a few hacks you can use.

Shoe laces
Manual locks are less complicated and easier to lift and insert a wedge in between the door. However, the passenger door is easier to open. If your car has a post lock, and you fortunately have sneakers or shoes with laces on, you have the perfect “equipment”.
First, you make a slip knot. The bit inserted is formed from the short end. The loop should be adjustable and should settle in the middle of the lace. Lift the door and place a thick cloth or wedge in between the space and slide the lace in, let the loop settle on the post lock, as you pull and tighten the lace the post lock should come up and there, you have your car open.

Wedge and Probe
Automatic locks will be difficult or easy depending on where the button that controls the locks is located. If the control button is at the centre console, better to call on an expert but if it has one on the door, you would need to put use a wedge or some flat tool(probe tool) that can slide in conveniently for allowance then you use another firm, long enough tool to apply pressure on the “unlock” button. Your car antenna and hanger will improvise as a probe tool, they should be able to press the “unlock” button.

Get a Slim Jim or make one
Using a slim jim is not really for a novice. The desperate times call for desperate measures but you don’t want to incur more costs than necessary at the same time so go to passenger door once again. That has less wires but be minding of the weather stripping.
Make a quick slim jim with your hanger and double it so it doesn’t bend under pressure. Pull the weather stripping back then gently drive the tool in between the weather stripping of the window and the window itself. After the lock is located, the slim jim should be used to move the lock and pull it upwards as it gets a grip and disengages the lock.

Car Trunk Method
So now you realise your trunk is open but the doors are locked. The emergency cord to the rescue! It is usually on the roof or door of the trunk. Tug on the cord and car seats at the back should fall forward, as seats unlock, this is a feature in most sedans. You can now crawl to retrieve your glorious car key. Pretty simple!

Get a locksmith
Admit it, it is stress having to grapple with these things and you still have to be careful not to cause more damage to your car. Let the professionals handle it and to make sure your car lock is safe afterwards.

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