Moving House? Security Tips to Consider

Moving House? Security Tips to Consider
Moving house can be stressful. It is also a time when you are vulnerable and open to security risks, especially as you may be moving to a new neighbourhood.
A lot of people get so consumed in the process of settling issues with estate agents, handling the paper work and negotiating with the movers to ensure a hassle-free move, that they often forget or disregard the importance of changing the locks on their new property.
In fact, over half of the people who move house do not have the locks changed. This is in spite of the risk of previous residents having access to their homes. It is therefore advisable to consider changing your locks as a major step to securing your new property.
The MLA recommends that this should be done using a vetted and highly qualified locksmith, and that it is a good idea to invest in patented or restricted locking systems. This is because these patented keys cannot easily be duplicated as they carry legal protection.
Before Calling a Locksmith…
A good number of insurance companies do not pay out if an intruder gained access into your home using a key because, you need to prove that it was a case of breaking and entering. As such, you need to be sure that there is no spare key with a former resident which is why you need the services of a locksmith.
However, you should inform your insurance company before taking this security precaution. Some insurance companies have requirements and standards that the newly installed locks must meet.
Other Security Precautions
In order to enhance security, it is also important to install alarms, door chains and spy holes. If alarms had been installed before, you need to change the code as soon as you move in, and periodically after that.
Your front door is likely to be open during the day, as you move your belongings in. It is therefore important to be vigilant and ensure that you do not leave valuable items lying around or unattended.
In addition, considering that not all burglars will pass through your door, you should also make sure that your windows are secure. Also factor in emergency escape routes when installing new windows or doors, and positioning your furniture.
When taking steps to secure your new home by performing a security check, it is easy to forget about garages, sheds and outhouses. You need to also consider how you could make these areas of your property more secure.

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