Mortise Locks

A mortise lock is one that is fitted into a piece of furniture or a door, after a pocket space has been cut and created for it. Before bored cylindrical locks started becoming popular, mortise locks were used. That is why you can still find them on older buildings and furniture. Although, residential properties and construction companies still make use of these locks all over Europe and even the united United States.

The mortise lock is made up of two main parts. One on the right which is installed in the doorjamb as a box keep; and the lock body on the left which has two bolts – a locking bolt below and a sprung latch on top. This lock body is placed in the thickness of the furniture or door it’s to be used on.

The mortise lock is affordable and quite secure. Therefore, if you need a professional locksmith to install the lock on doors and furniture in your home, office and place of work, you can call on TopLockSmiths, and we will be there to provide the expert lock service you need.

A Mortise lock

The Mortise Lock Mechanism

There are some mortise locks that are sash locks. In the sense that they have a non-locking sprung latch that is controlled when from the handle of your door or cabinet. The dead lock on the other hand is more simple as it had no latch or handle attached. When you need a more secure back up to your sprung non-locking latch, the dead lock is what is used.

The lever lock mechanism has been whag mortise lock have made use of for many years even up till now. There are those that used the warded lock mechanism in the past, and it has led to a misunderstanding of how the entire lock works. The Euro cylindrical lock which uses the pin tumbler lock has recently gotten popular, but the commonly used mortise lock is that which still makes use of lever keys. Even in the UK, the lever mechanism is used for mortise lock. At TopLockSmiths, we have fully trained and well vetted technicians who understand all the mechanisms and how they work. So if your lock gets jammed or you are locked out of your home without your keys, call us and we will be right at your rescue in less than an hour.

Mortise Lock Installation

There’s a belief that any homeowner with the basic knowledge of woodwork and how to use technical tools can easily install a mortise lock. But you need to keep in mind that cutting of the pocket or mortise isn’t so simple except you CA operate the mortising jig that is used by well trained technicians. Even after cutting the pocket into the door or piece of furniture, you will still need to have the external trim installed and not just any locksmith can do that except they are very experienced.

At TopLockSmiths, we hire some of the most experienced and reliable installation specialists who can undertake problematic mortise lock placements and cut the pocket precisely without causing any collateral damage to your property. We ensure that it’s installed firmly and functions with versatility than any other lock out there. We also make sure that the lever mechanism makes the lock capable of accommodating a heavy return spring while it’s in use. You need to also keep in mind that a mortise lock is made in a way that it can accept a wide variety of accessorises and cylinders from different manufacturers, which makes it easy for servicing and repairs. If you need a professional locksmith that can install your mortise lock and even repair it when it’s damaged, call on TopLockSmiths and we will be at your location in little or no time.

Mortise lock Replacement

When replacing a mortise lock, you need to figure out if it’s a dead lock or a sash lock. A screw at the bottom of the lock and one on top secures the lock and you can see them by mere looking at the lock. When they are unscrewed, the fore end plate can then be taken off. No door handle is needed for operating the dead lock, but the sash lock needs a handle which is removed first when you want to replace the lock.

The lock is then measured back to front and vice versa. It should be about 56mm to the center keyhole or 44mm. The new lock you buy should fit into the pocket of the door. If it doesn’t fit, you may need to take out the door, install the new mortise lock and fix the door back. But why do through all that stress when you can simply hire the services of TopLockSmith and we will come to your location anywhere in London and replace the lock with no hassles? If you decide to take out the door, you might damage the hinges, door frame or even forget to screw back the fore end plate that properly secures the door. But with us, our fully trained and well vetted technicians can help you handle all the lock issues without you worrying about damaging your house.

For example, you might need to rout out the lock box when replacing a British standard version of the mortise lock on your door. This is because when the box is rout deeper, the bolt easily accommodates the 20mm throw. The striker that comes with the lock also needs to be put back while changing the box for a new one. These are technicalities that you cannot easily learn in just a day or two. Would you first go on a mortise lock research on how you replace a lock? Or rather call a professional locksmith that knows the wherewithal of keys and locks?

Do not get stranded in the middle of the night when you can simply call on TopLockSmiths and our ever ready technicians will be right there with you to secure your home and change your mortise locks. We are approved by the police, meaning you have nothing to worry about when we are working for you. Put us to the test today by calling our phone number, and watch us deliver in an hour or less.

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