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About Mul-T-Lock & Ingersoll

Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll are both subsidiaries of Assa Abloy, the global leaders in locking security systems. Mul-T-Lock is an Israeli lock manufacturer that designs, creates and supplies high-security locks and access control systems worldwide. The products developed by Mul-T-Lock are in use by large corporations, government institutions and domestic consumers.

The mission at Mul-T-Lock is to be the chosen partner for system installers and locksmiths globally through the provision of bespoke, innovative high-security solutions and access control systems that solve problems for users.

Ingersoll Locks is a British lock manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacturing of high and medium security lock cylinders, padlocks and safes. Ingersoll is a London based company that installs and supplies security solutions for homes and offices across London. Ingersoll has a wealth of knowledge on security products you won’t find on Assa Abloy and stocks the largest range of Ingersoll products worldwide.

A Multi-T-Lock

What is the History of Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll?

In 1973, Moshe Dolev and Avraham Bachri founded Mul-T-Lock, inspired after Bachri’s neighbour requested he build and install a secure door for him in 1972. After completing the project, Bachri discussed with Dolev about designing secure doors and the two worked together on their first multi-point locking system. They created a company based on this initial design named Rav-Bariach and in 1985 renamed the company to Mul-T-Lock.

Over the next 30 years, the company gained international recognition through patented locking and locking systems designs. ASSA-Abloy bought the company in 2000 but the original founders still manufacture high-security windows and doors for the company while sharing in the Mul-T-Lock logo.

Prior to its global recognition as a lock manufacturer, Ingersoll used to be a watch company in New York. Charles and Robert Ingersoll founded the company in the 1890s and became famous for the Ingersoll Dollar Watch, which sold over 40 million units. During WWI Ingersoll started making aviation locks and in 1944, J.W. Taylor invented the world famous Ten Lever Ingersoll Lock (the classic SC71). It is a testament to the original design that the product is a flagship locking solution, 70 years after the first launch.

Ingersoll Locks Limited officially started operations in 1949 and has led the design and production of innovative lock production. The Ingersoll SC71 is the most popular product used by London homes as more than just a lock but a personal statement of good taste and the highest regard for safety.

What are the famous products from Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll Locks?

Mul-T-Lock has a plethora of access control solutions and locking systems as diverse as the needs and range of budget they are designed for. From complex electromechanical access control systems to simple locking solutions for residential markets, Mul-T-Lock has designed an impressive range of products and solutions that provide complete protection for customers. Some of its products include:

Mul-T-Lock MTS C-Series Padlock with Protector: the MT5+ consists three active locking mechanisms and a flat key on either side of the door. The product is based on the innovative well-honed telescopic pin technology and includes a locking bar mechanism as one if its main designs. The Alpha Sprring is a groundbreaking mobile interacting spring at the bottom of the key and engages a distinct pin at the rear of the mechanism to produce another shearline. All products in the MT5+ series have a double-sided key; one for the locking bar and the other for telescopic pin mechanism. The overall design provides better security and higher resistance to manipulation and lock picking.

There are dozens of original keys, locks and replacement parts for Ingersoll products on Ingersoll’s website and other merchant sites. Some of the top selling products include:

Ingersoll SC71 Nightlatch lock: The satin chrome high-security lock for doors features a 10 lever key mechanism that makes it almost impossible to penetrate or pick. It has a deadbolt that cannot be forced with plastic or credit card and has been reinforced to hold firm against hacksaw attack. The lock was developed for solid doors in city apartments and homes across London and the rest of the UK.

ASSA-Abloy has created some products that combine the best features of Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll lock, they include:

Ingersoll SC71 with Mul-T-Lock Cylinder and Mortice Deadlock: This flagship lock integrates a B.S.3621 Mortice deadlock with a Mul-T-Lock cylinder and is supplied and fitted by TopLocksmith Ingersoll trained technicians. The locks are available in polished chrome, polished brass and satin chrome finishes.

Mul-T-Lock Ingersol Rim Cylinder: A high-security replacement for the Ingersoll night latch cylinder. It is suitable for other cylinder Ingersoll nightlatches and is the cheapest and easiest way to change keys. Other features include patent protected security, 7-pin secured cylinder and two extra keys.

What are the customer reviews for Ingersoll and Mul-T-Lock?

Most customers who shopped both products gave them favourable reviews. Ingersoll’s replacement cylinder has 5-star reviews on Amazon and the Nighlatch has a 4/5 score on Ironmongerydirect.

There are nine reviews on Amazon for the MT5 padlock and all customers who reviewed the product said it was well worth the price. They recommend it for other users looking for top-security solutions.

How much are Ingersoll and Mul-T-Lock products?

People complain that compared to other locking systems, these two are pricey. The Ingersoll SC71 night latch cost £299.00 and Mul-T-Lock MT5- C series padlock cost £198.99. However, when you factor the premium level of security features from these two divisions of ASSA-Abloy, impenetrable mechanisms that frustrate burglars and peace of mind you enjoy from the products, it is well worth the purchase.

You can obtain a full quote for all Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll products from TopLockSmith. We are happy to help you choose cost-effective solutions that won’t tip your account or leave you broke while providing the maximum security for you.

How secure are Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll Locks?

Both products have a unique locking technology that makes it impossible for anyone to force or pick the locks. Products from both locks comply with the high level of standard demanded by UK and international bodies with certifications like the CPC, VDS, ISO14001, SO 9001/2000 and UL. Your security is maximized with Ingersoll and Mul-T-Lock systems.


We recommend both Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll locking systems to our esteemed customers in London searching for the latest advancement in locking technology combined with 5-star user experience that ensures you derive optimum satisfaction when using ASSA Abloy security products or buying from their sub-divisions.

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