Quality Office Furniture Locks In Worthing

Quality Office Furniture Locks in Worthing

Do you need replacement keys or locks for your office cabinet? Looking to upgrade your cabinet and drawer locks with a Worthing locksmith? Do you require the services of a certified locksmith to repair drawer lock, cabinet lock or cupboard lock?

Welcome to TopLockSmith, your one stop shop for gifted locksmith experts, specialized in fixing old and new furniture locks. We are a team of experienced locksmith, knowledgeable in installing and fixing locks on desktop cabinet and fit cabinet locks to childproof your home and office area.

Having a secured office is important for your business. The cabinets and lockers contain important documents for your clients or staff and losing them will not only affect the reputation you’ve worked hard to build but lead to serious financial implication.

At TopLockSmith, we’ve provided thousands of premium office furniture locks for corporate establishments, startups, large organizations and home offices. No project is too big or small for our passionate team of technicians who only desire to make your workspace 100% safe.

For almost half a decade, we’ve been one of the best locksmiths in Worthing helping businesses replace or install locks on different furniture items. We only hire the best locksmiths who are capable of handling all jobs efficiently. Our locksmiths are skilled in the servicing of a broad range of cabinet locks, drawer locks and power tools anywhere in Worthing.

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What type of lock should I use for my office cabinet or drawer?

Cam locks: These are the most widely used locks for office furniture such as filing cabinets, drawers and lockers. The lock is made up of a barrel, typically around 20mm in length but some range from 8mm-32mm. Most cam locks feature a threated body fitted by a nut to the furniture. Some locks are designed to be installed with a horseshoe clip while others have a snap-in-fix, for easy fitting with metal panels less than 2mm thick.

Rim locks: Rim looks are commonly used on drawer and cupboard units based on the barrel orientation. Most rim locks use deadbolt mechanism but some have the spring-loaded slam shut type.

Wooden locker locks: the wooden locker locks supplied by TopLocksmith features a flat steel key, similar to rim locks where a bolt is inserted to a striking plate to protect the furniture.

Pedestal locks: These locks are seen on mobile pedestal or desk units. They come in different types but the common fixing options are flange or double. Newer models feature cams with pegs acting as an anti-tilt device. The cam rotates when the key turns in the locks, which in turn lifts the bar running the pedestal that holds the drawer in place.

Barrel Locks: This is a strong, secure lock easily fit into office windows and doors. They come with a 10-year warranty and are hard to break or pick. There is an impressive range of cylinder sizes for barrel locks due to their popularity.

Padlocks: commonly used to secure a device or chain, they are mostly used with a hasp and staple or latch lock. The padlocks we offer are top quality and we provide discounts on bulk orders.

What are the common office furniture lock problems?

  • Lost keys to the filing cabinet: your options when you’ve lost the keys to your filing cabinet depends on how urgently you need to use the cabinet. If it’s an emergency, call your Worthing locksmith to help. Tell them the file brand and ensure they are familiar with opening them without damaging the lock. Alternatively, you could drill the lock yourself to release and open the cabinet. TopLockSmith carries a range of office furniture lock replacements for file cabinets and drawers. Chances are we stock your brand of file cabinet lock.
  • Cabinet isn’t level: if the gap at top of the door is large and no space at the bottom of each door, the cabinet isn’t well levelled. A local locksmith can help to level the cabinet left to right for smooth operation and front to back for safety.
  • The key is broken in the lock: Several guides online show you how to remove broken key but it is hard and few people have any success. The best option is to call a locksmith to replace the lock. This method is faster, easier and ensures you don’t waste the day because you couldn’t access files in your cabinet.

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What services should a Worthing locksmith deliver?

  • Supplies and fittings for office furniture locks

We supply fitting locks for offices and other business establishments in Worthing. Our technicians only use the best types of multi-point locks, cylinder locks and transponder locks. We install and supply locks for your office safes, filing cabinets, windows and drawers

  • 24-hour lock -out assistance

If you’re locked out of your office our locksmiths in Worthing are available all day, even during public holidays and special occasions to offer assistance.

  • Repair of office furniture locks

Whatever your office furniture locks, from metal, wood or UPVC our Worthing locksmiths will repair and ensure they function well.

  • Change of locks

We will change or upgrade your existing cabinet or drawer locks if you lost your keys or want your files more secure.

  • Office security

Our Worthing locksmith offer CCTV surveillance, alarm systems and keyless entry to ensure unique security services for your home and office premises. We also provide small home office safes for clients who work from home or those looking for extra security measures for their valuables and jewellery.

  • Key cutting

TopLocksmith will replace your lost or broken keys in a short time. We provide extra copies for those who require them, including locks for car, furniture, door and cylinder locks.

Why choose us?

  • 24-hour emergency service
  • 60 minutes or less callout Worthing locksmith
  • Affordable locksmith service
  • Over a decade of experience in repairing and installing office furniture locks in Worthing
  • Strong, quality materials that will last a long time
  • Police-approved locksmith you can trust
  • Friendly, customer service, whatever time you call

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