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A revolving door could simply be said to consist of either three or four doors hanging on a central shaft that revolves a vertical axis. It is found mostly in large organizations, airports, large sports stadiums, theme parks and a lot of large establishments. It is frequently used in these places where a huge amount of people visit in order to easily allow the movement of people going in and out of the place.

A revolving door

Are you in need of a revolving door with high quality and at a very affordable price for your office or any other establishment? Top Lock Smith offers the best revolving doors of good quality, reliability and durability for your establishment, shopping center, bank, airports and other places where a revolving door will be required. We offer both automatic and manual revolving doors depending on your preference. These revolving doors are very important as they help to control the movement of customers into and out of the establishment. We also offer the services of designing and programming the revolving door in order to meet your establishment’s security requirements. We ensure that all orders and deliveries are made on time, at a very affordable rate and with zero chances of failure. Call Top Lock Smith today to get the best offers on revolving doors for your office building or any other establishment.

Revolving doors are also energy efficient which is very good for any establishment that attends to a very large number of people as it helps prevent drafts thereby regulating the heating and cooling temperature of the place. Top Lock Smith offers revolving doors of all design and description like the one-way traffic revolving door that is mostly used in airports and other bigger establishments. This one-way traffic revolving door could be used for security purposes in the place which prevents anyone from using the wrong exit or bypassing the security system of the establishment. We offer revolving doors of any length and diameter from 1.4 meters to any length that will be perfect for your establishment. Call us today and place your orders.

Are you in need of repairs for the already installed revolving door? In addition to selling all types of revolving doors both automatic and manual revolving doors, we also offer repair services of your establishment’s revolving door at any hour of the day or location. We help repair damages, program the revolving door security if it has been tampered with and make necessary changes in the designs if the need arises in order to suit the needs of your establishment. Top Lock Smith offers you 24/7/365 service to any location of your choice. Call us at any time and we will be there in no time.

Technical and Special Features Of Our Revolving Doors

Top Lock Smith revolving doors not only come as either automatic or manual revolving doors, they also come in different length, diameter, door wing configuration which could be 3, 4 or even 5 configuration setting, glazing options, sensors and several other security features.

The whole structure of a revolving door is in form of a cylindrical formation whose door panels depending on the configuration is spaced in such a way that the door is never really open unless someone is passing through it. This is to ensure that the revolving door effectively regulates the temperature and energy of the establishment and also its security is always maintained. The revolving doors we offer are always glass made for various reasons;

  • It helps to display various wares of the establishment if it is necessary.
  • It also helps the easy monitoring of people moving in and out of the place.

The automatic revolving doors have features of a powered central shaft and electric sensors that serve to start and stop the door panels in any form of security crises. It also foldable to allow more space for bigger people or large objects that needs to be taken into the establishment. The speed of the door panels is controlled automatically and also has a feature that easily allows the passage of disables.

The manual revolving door, on the other hand, is not too different from the automatic version of the revolving door. It also has a three to four-door configuration, spacious enough to allow most people and items of different size to pass through, requires a light push to keep it moving, have fewer safety features than its automatic version, has a locked and hand operational mode and some has a positioning automation with a motor that controls the movement of the door at all angles. You can call Top Lock Smith today to get your desired revolving door and at a very good price.

Why You Should Call Us

Reliable for any emergency- we are very conscious of our customer’s need and show up anytime you need us at any hour of the day. We make quick repairs, delivery and installations in a very short amount of time.

Quality Hardware– we offer good and quality revolving doors built with quality materials by our designing and building team. We offer materials that are good value for your money and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting repairs for a very long time.

Very Affordable– we provide quality revolving doors and repairs at a very affordable price. We offer only what will be in line with your budget. We offer certain security installation and maintenance to ensure the full security of your establishment.

Many Years of Experience– we have had the privilege of serving a lot of people and establishments over the last 4 years and have successfully executed a lot of projects, deliveries and repairs. We always ensure that our customers are always satisfied because your satisfaction is our priority.

All Staff vetted and Well Trained– we always send efficient, fast and well-trained staff to your aid in times of emergency. We investigate all projects, delivery or repair they do to ensure that it was well carried out and our customers were satisfied with their work and attitude.

Call us today because we are always available to serve you.

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