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RR Brink Locks is a long-established brand of locking systems. Founded in 1976, the company specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-level security mechanical and electro-mechanical locks. They provide a complete line of products made for correctional institutions where it is mandatory to use a remote control for cells and corridor doors.

While RR Brink core specialty is locks for detention facilities. Its products extend to buildings where abuse and attack are a major concern. For example, banks, casinos, homeland security buildings, offices museums and research facilities. In these buildings, the door access control systems require long-lasting and rigid locks.

The company’s locks are also valuable in top-level research buildings where confidentiality is priority. Their remote-controlled locks not only protect the project details from outsiders, but also check the access of unauthorised persons within the company.

A prison lock

Over 40 years of lock manufacturing and credibility

Through the years, since inception, RR Brink Locking Systems has established a reputation for product innovation, excellent workmanship and good product support services. The company encourages builders and specifiers to consult expert personnel for assistance with the use and technical aspects of the products.

At Top Locksmiths in London, we are trained in the installation and service delivery of RR Brink manufactured locks. Customers who wish to install or repair a faulty RR Brink lock often contact us for consultation or full-on service. Our locksmiths are not only product specialists, but endorsed by relevant security authorities in the UK. We guarantee 100% service satisfaction.

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Types of RR Binks locks

Under the electromagnetic locks are a variety of products designed to keep any facility tightly secure.

  • Automatic Deadlocking-latch 1050: This high-security automatic deadlocking latch with and electric knob control is made of a mega heavy stainless-steel material. The latch is design for a hollow metal door mortise with 24 VDC electric knob control actuator.
  • Electromechanical Deadlocking Bolt 2020: This bolt is actuated by a solenoid for locking and unlocking a door. It is also designed for a hollow frame metal structure mount, and comes in a ¾ inch or 1-inch stainless steel bolt.
  • Electromechanical Deadlocking Latch (automatic) 3020: This latch has an electric 24VDC solenoid power and a manual unlocking key mechanism. It is built to set up in a standard 2-inch hollow metal frame structure.
  • Motorised Deadlocking Latch: This lock comes with a mogul cylinder, narrow profile and is constructed for a metal frame mounting in a 3-inch header/jamb trim. The 24VDC motor drive draws back the latch against300 pounds side loads.

Other RR Brink security locks include the Mechanical locks series with products under this line including Heavy Duty Automatic Deadlocking Latch, Heavy-duty Deadbolt Latch and Six-Lever Tumbler Mechanical Locks.

There are Sliding doors and Fence Gate Locks, Optional Accessories/Door Hardware and other hand of locks.

Depending on the type of building you have or the door frame, each of these products can be fitted to give your home of office maximum protection.

Unlike ordinary locksmiths, our service is authorised to give manufacturer’s warranty. The projects we commission contain locks with RR Brink-issued warranties. Whether you are a private customer or a commercial client, we offer the same level of 100% quality service.

Does your office need an electromechanical deadlocking Latch (Automatic)?

People who conduct top-level research such as energy projects require a high-security service to keep their work safe and secure. Not just from corporate spies but burglars who may want to steal industry-grade equipment.

With an automatic electromechanical deadlocking latch, this is easily achieved. The device secures the facility several times as much, ensuring all materials and operating equipment remain safe. It also keeps away unauthorised personnel from exposing themselves to occupational hazards.

At Top Locksmiths, we have been trained directly by RR Brink. This increases our level of competence in delivering satisfactory service. We are always open 24/7 so whenever you call us a representative will be available to take your call.

Similarly, our service is primed to attend to people in emergencies. We have a standby van with highly-computerised equipment, so our locksmiths can show up at your doorstep within minutes of your call. To find out more, send us a message via our customer contact page.

Are you concerned about the security of your building of flats?

People who live in exclusive apartment building benefit from automatic keyless door handles. It provides security for their home and belongings, as well as prevents theft from unauthorised access.

It is better to talk to an expert before proceeding with the purchase of any lock. More so, professionals are aware of superior dealers and where to get the most cost-effective rates. With a quality electromechanical door, electrical use is more sustainable because you only consume the power you need. This optimises electrical use as well as keeps your belongings safe.

Other non-automated locking systems

RR Brink manufactures non-automated items like

  • Door position switches
  • Key switches
  • Key cylinders
  • Locking accessories
  • Security Door Pulls
  • Hinges Series

If you are locked out of your room, instead of breaking the lock and incurring more damage, a Top Locksmith can open it seamlessly. For caretakers in need of extra copies, our technicians are capable for cutting a precise new set from code. Since we are endorsed by the police, we never do anything contrary to the law.

Our customers have nothing to worry about because we vet our staff regularly and train them to adhere to industry best practices. Whether you are moving into a new building or buying an office space, we strongly recommend you change the key locks for security reasons.

Why choose Top Locksmiths?

Besides our direct affiliation to- and specialisation in- RR Brink locking systems, Top Locksmiths is well placed to serve the residents of London. Our service is regularly vetted by regulatory bodies and we are an accredited service.

Despite the relatively young nature of our company, we have amassed a lot in the 4 years we have been in operations. Our locksmiths have decades of experience between them and they are always customer-oriented.

In any emergency, and at any time, a Top Locksmith will respond at your premises within the hour. What’s more? We charge extremely competitive rates unlike any service in London.

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