Schlage Locks

What are Schlage Locks?

The Schlage brand is one of the world’s most notable manufacturers when it comes to door locks. The brand was founded in San Francisco by Walter Schlage in 1920. Keys, door locks, and security systems created by Schlage are popular in London and around the world for their reliability and overall quality.

Asides from door locks, Schlage is also recognised by professional locksmiths for its high quality security keys and cylinder lines. Some of said cylinder lines include the Everest, Primus, and Everest Primus XP.

Another distinctive feature of Schlage locks which make them a big attraction for owners of London buildings is locks from the brand are available in various distinctive styles and designs that can be used to increase the aesthetic value of a door or a property as a whole.

If you want a stylish yet durable and efficient lock, door handle, or other type of door accessory for your home or business, Schlage locks come highly recommended by our experts at TopLocksmiths.

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Schlage Padlock

What Schlage products are available for installation?

Over the years, Schlage has produced several types of locks for home security as well as for securing commercial properties. Depending on your security needs, we can provide any of the following types of Schlage locks or accessories to secure your residential or commercial building in London.

  • Deadbolts

Deadbolts from Schlage are recognised for their high quality and strength. Deadbolts from the brand are crafted with plated keyways and superior metal construction, and each one is created with long term resilience and ease of use in mind. Deadbolts from the brand are also available in a wide variety of beautiful styles that will not only secure your property but also boost its aesthetics.

Professional locksmiths regularly recommend deadbolts to London home or business owners who need heightened security for their properties. This is because the design of a deadbolt’s locking mechanism is far more superior to what you can get from most other forms of locks. At TopLocksmiths, we often improve the security of the buildings of our clients by complementing whatever type of lock they currently have in place with a deadbolt, and Schlage deadbolt locks are a popular choice.

Schlage deadbolts are available in a wide variety and some of the types we can install for you include; Single cylinder, Double cylinder, One sided deadbolt without exterior plate, or One sided deadbolts with exterior plate.

  • Knobs

Schlage has available a wide variety for doorknobs that have been designed to deliver beauty and convenience to your home. Each knob from the brand comes with a distinctive feature and advantage. Depending on what you want, we can help you install a Schlage knob of your choice in any room of your home you like.

  • Door levers and handlesets

Schlage door handlesets and levers are recognised by many homeowners for their excellent craftsmanship and durability. There are door levers and handlesets available for a wide variety of rooms and buildings. You can get quality levers and handlesets from Schlage for entry and exit doors, as well as for doors within a building. Our expert locksmiths at TopLocksmiths are available to provide expert guidance to help you make an informed decision concerning which Schlage lever or handleset will serve your needs best.

  • Electronic and Smart locks

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular in London because of the level of security and convenience they offer. Some of the smart and electronic lock types available from Schlage include Schlage Sense™ Smart deadbolt, Schlage Connect™, Keypad deadbolt, and Keypad lock. These types of locks make it possible for you to access your property without the need for a traditional physical key.

  • Door accessories

TopLocksmiths can provide the following accessories from Schlage to enhance the beauty, security, and convenience of your doors; high security padlocks, hasps, bolts, chains, hinges, chains, knockers, peepholes, and much more.

Types of Schlage Keyways

London locksmiths recognise the Schlage brand for its meticulousness when it comes to lock designing and engineering. Schlage offers various types of original keyways that deliver added security. Some of such keyways include;

Primus/Primus XP

This keyway design features six cuts that offer a standard locking mechanism and adds an additional five side finger pins that control the ancillary sidebar lock. A Primus key is capable of operating certain installed non-Primus locks as long as it is part of the same system. But Primus keyways are thinner than most other types and this makes it impossible for non-Primus keys to enter or manipulate such keyways.


A patented under groove is the most distinctive feature of this design. Everest keys can control Everest non-Primus locks, but Everest non-Primus keys can’t operate Everest locks. The Everest Primus XP is a later model of the original Everest and is patented till 2024.

Other keyway types available from Schlage include the Obverse, the Reverse, the Numbered or Paracentric, and the Quad.

How much do Schlage Locks cost?

The price of a Schlage lock is dependent on its quality, features, and its release date. The stronger a Schlage lock is and the more features it has, the more it is likely to cost. But TopLocksmiths can provide you a Schlage lock that best suits your security needs at a friendly price. If you are in need of a brand new Schlage lock or would like to repair or replace one you currently have installed, call our TopLocksmiths experts now.

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