Locksmith Services

Replacing Your Lost Keys

When you are having a busy day or strict deadlines, you are likely to loose focus and mess some things up. One of the things that can go wrong at such a time is loosing your home or car keys. Although some people have spare keys at home, there are instances where you don’t a choice but to either visit a locksmith or car dealer to replace the lost keys. Either way, you need to find a good locksmith that can provide you with quality services.

House Key Replacement

It is easier to replace your house keys than those of your car. Incase you lost the key to your home; you would need to call a reliable locksmith to cut another key for the lock. Alternatively, you can have the locksmith replace the entire lock since you don’t know who may be in possession of your lost keys. Sometimes, the locksmith might ask you to replace the whole door since the installation of a new lock cannot fit firmly on the old door.

Car Key Replacement

Car key replacement procedures are somewhat more complicated than that of the house. This is because you are required to bring copies of VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), car registration and even that of your driver’s license to the dealer before the key replacement process can begin. The dealers ask for this to ensure that the person requesting for the replacement is the real owner of the car and that it is not stolen.

Professional locksmiths can make all types of car keys including those that operate using chips. This is because they have the necessary equipment and skills to reprogram both the key and the car. However, it is important to note that locksmiths are more affordable in replacing keys than car dealers. Nevertheless, they have to get keys that come with electronic fobs from car manufacturers.

On the other hand, there are car manufacturers that provide car owners with key codes. Incase they lose their keys; professional locksmiths can use the codes to cut replacement keys for their cars. This makes the key replacement process easier and cheaper.

Company Key Replacement

If you loose your company keys, it is advisable to replace all the locks to the affected offices. This is done as a security measure since the lost keys may fall into the wrong hands. A good locksmith can do this for you at an affordable cost.