The UNION brand is no stranger to the lock and securities industry. Since its founding in 1840, UNION has built a mega brand renowned for a wide range of lock products for architectural and residential applications.

The company has continued to design products exclusively for security experts. This includes computerised locking systems and access control management. The Strongbolt™ brand for example, has revolutionized the mortice lock product ranges.

A wide range of products for building merchants

They offer a wide range of products, particularly its parent company ASSA ABLOY UK which provides useful support for merchants in the industry. UNION has under its purview several established brands and the security to fund sales and manage a supply chain. ASSA ABLOY offer merchants the quality and diversity needed in modern locking systems industry.

Top Locksmiths, London, is a UNION accredited locksmith service that specialises in UNION locks. Our team can provide services for any type of UNION product. Whether it is a faulty mortice lock or a latch with a broken key in it, we will have it in working conditions within an hour.

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UNION Locks: Supporters of architectural Ironmongers

ASSA ABLOY offers a range of solutions for architectural ironmongers (AIs) such as builders, furniture-makers and other iron-artisans. With a range of products that include master key systems, emergency locks, electrical lock products and supporting architectural hardware such as door closers, hinges, door furniture’s and escape systems, ASSA ABLOY supports AIs on various specifications.

Through its invaluable combination of modern manufacturing techniques and time-honoured experience, the company can provide the consistency, volume and quality of products required by AI clients.

UNION Locks: The Locksmith’s partner

UNION has a longstanding relationship (100 years) with the locksmith industry, and has some of the most recognised brands in the world. Including several heritage names. Given the combination of innovation and the universal expertise, the ASSA ABLOY name has evolved to manufacture products that help locksmiths fit into an ever-evolving industry.

Today, about 10% of every lock and security installation functions with an ASSA ABLOY product. This is a mark of its dedication to developing innovative solutions and establishing close-knit relationships with its locksmith partners.

ASSA ABLOY and its locksmith products have works towards developing game-changing solutions and optimising its strengths while maintaining the principal values of a UK manufacturer set in the centre of the lock industry.

As a key UNION/ASSA ABLOY partner, Top Locksmiths is the ideal company for locksmith services in the capital. Contact us via email here.

UNION/ASS ABLOY Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

By applying the proficiency of its UKAS accredited testing laboratory, a source of independent and objective testing for industry best standards, ASSA ABLOY UK has been totally committed to product development for OEMs. It is also strong voice in the promotion of high-level standards in the industry.

UNION products which consists of security, masterkey system, electric locking products and supporting architectural components such as hinges, door furniture, escape systems and door closers have been evaluated and verified for safe use in residential, commercial and a variety of public sector buildings.

Top Locksmiths’ technicians have joined forces to learn and apply ASSA ABLOY’s high-advanced testing facilities and working equipment. This means customers with problems will only need to wait a shorter time while their locks are being serviced.

The UNION products

  • Mortice Locks

Since 1840, the UNION brand has grown to be associated with mortice locks. Today, UNION manufactures a wide range of products useful for both residential use and architectural specification.

The mortice lock comes in 3 core ranges

  • The professional range: With its exquisite quality and reasonable pricing, the professional range has been expanded to include the innovative Optimus3 specification, 2C2 architectural mortice lock, Aptus2 contract.


  • The classic range: This is made up of an extensive range of well-recognised and credible products. It was first designed to provide reliable quality for all mortice functions, from heavy traffic areas to low traffic spots.


  • The C-Series range; This one stems from the trusted legacy of the Chubb brand. The UNION C-Series choice offers a diverse range for mortice functions like the detainer locks or BS 5 lever.


  • The essential range: The essential range provides great value-for-money-products which locksmiths and customers can rely on, without compromising daily schedules and routine.
  • Hinges

All hinge products including PowerLOAD hinges are certified Européene (CE), and designed to the standard of BS EN 1935:2002. All UNION Hinges have been evaluated for durable use on timbre fire doors to BS EN 1634-1. They are perfect for a specialised market durability, great performance and reliability are important factors. Some examples include products like 603- Butt Hing, which are ideal for a door mass of 120kg.

  • Door closers

For those who don’t fancy leaving their doors open, for instance, an office door, a door closer comes in handy. All door closers are tested to BS EN 193:2002 and marked CE. They are good for timbre fire doors because they are not in violation of BS EN 1634-1. There are also good for electromagnetic door closer available.

  • RIM locks; modular lock cases & cylinder

UNION rim cylinders and rim lock cases are often sold separately to permit any type of finish combination to be put together. Unless specified differently, all rim locks are supplied “case only”. Rim locks may come in traditional, standard security and Rim Lock security.

Other product categories include door furniture, Padlocks and Cabinet Locks

Cut your UNION lock from code here

Cutting a key from code is a computerised way to create a precise new set of keys. If you need locksmith services, contact Top Locksmiths and you will satisfied with our services.

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We are officially recognised as UNION lock specialists. In addition to our business accreditation, we sell ASSA ABLOY products at the exact market price- no mark-ups. Plus, every product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

We charge a fixed, competitive price, and our customers are always pleased with quality of the quality of the finished service.

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