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Are you searching for an experienced locksmith in London? Do you need an established locksmith for UPVC & multipoint locks? Do you want help choosing quality multipoint lock for your UPVC door that will last a long time? Look no further than TopLockSmith, a leading locksmith service in London. A UPVC lock Welcome to TopLockSmith, one of the top names in the repair and supply of premium UPVC and multipoint locks. It is estimated that most British homes have one form of multi-point locking on their front doors and other external doors such as timber, aluminium, sliding patio and UPVC doors. TopLockSmith understands the fear and feeling of insecurity associated with broken locks and poor quality locks. In a situation where you feel unsafe, your first priority is to restore peace of mind and we guarantee response time in 60 minutes or less. TopLockSmiths deals with issues like this daily and that’s why our certified technicians are always on hand 24 hours a day to resolve UPVC issues in minutes. Call us now on OUR PHONE NUMBER or visit our website to get a free quote today

I need an emergency locksmith in London

With decades of experience fixing doors, windows and providing quality service, we have helped thousands of people handle their multi-point lock problem. We understand that when you have an emergency, finance might be a hindrance as its not been planned. Hence, we offer cost-effective solutions and a variety of payment plans to ensure your home is safe without breaking the bank. We ask questions that help us suggest the best UPVC and multi-point locks for your home and we promise not to run out on you after the installation because we pride ourselves on providing follow-up service to ensure the product is working, as it should.

What quality of UPVC and Multi-point locks should I buy?

At TopLockSmith, the products we offer are the best in the market that guarantee peace of mind. We test our UPVC and multi-point locks rigorously to ensure they meet the highest industry standards and are approved by the local police. We spare no cost to guarantee our products and services only provide safety for clients who go on to live a fear-free life in a fully secured home. We searched the world to collect the best range of UPVC door and multi-point locks, offering customers over 100 different types and sizes. It’s’ easy to see how we’ve gained a reputation as one of the fastest growing multi-point lock specialists in the UK. Call us now on OUR PHONE NUMBER or visit our website to get a free quote today

What are the common problems and fixes for UPVC & Multi-point locks?

UPVC doors have been around for a long time and have become the standard in most homes because of its affordable price and ease of installation. However, nothing lasts forever and with wear and tear, UPVC and multi-lock points will develop problems.

  • A common problem with UPVC doors is worn hinges or misalignment of the frame and door caused by door panels or glasses that were incorrectly packed. Realignment is a quick fix performed by an experienced locksmith to solve the problem. In some cases, the hinges might need replacement.
  • Bent or bowed door that happens when a burglar applies pressure that destroys the UPVC door, leaving it out of shape and hard to open or close. The locksmith will have to perform a physical evaluation of the door to access the full extent of the damage before proffering possible solutions.
  • If the PVC door only locks from one side and the other side doesn’t let the key turn, you need to buy a new lock barrel. If you lift the handle and turn the key to lock but the key won’t come out, the central cam of the lock cylinder is misaligned probably due to substandard locks or heavy use. Call a certified locksmith to change the cylinder with a fitting quality cylinder.
  • When you’ve lost your keys or you’re locked out, don’t try to force the door open as it could lead to extensive damage to the multi-point lock. Call an emergency locksmith to open the door neatly without permanent damage. After opening the door, the locksmith will remove the lock cylinder and replace it with a new one fitted for your door type.

If you’re experiencing any of the problems listed or you want to upgrade your UPVC and multi-point locks please call us on Our phone number for a no-obligation quote.

What type of multipoint lock can you install or repair?

  • Roller Cam
  • Spring latch bolt
  • Tapered deadbolt
  • Reversible latch bolt
  • Deadbolt
  • Trimatic
  • Hook & Anti-lift pin
  • Mini hook
  • Mushroom cam

What services does a UPVC and Multi-point locksmith provide?

  • We gain quick entry to your door when the keys are stolen, you were accidentally locked out or you lost your keys.
  • We solve problems with opening or locking doors fixed in one visit at set fees and all parts we supply come with warranty.
  • Smart, simple and affordable options to provide access keys for babysitters, dog walkers and other care workers without giving out many keys to your home.
  • Change the locks, upgrade locks or new lock installation for security reasons. All locks from TopLockSmith meet security and insurance standards.

Why choose TopLockSmith?

  • Affordable locksmith – we know that emergency locksmith services are unplanned expenses so we always offer cost-effective solution combined with quality products within your budget.
  • There is no telling what time of the day you might need a locksmith and your life might be too busy for the normal 9-5. Our services are available to you at 3 am in the morning, 6 am at the break of dawn and any time of the day. This means we are open on Easter Sunday, Bank holidays, Christmas and New Year day.
  • Our police-approved technicians have over 10 years of experience with every lock problem you can think of. If you want quality, experience and competitive pricing combined into one service, TopLockSmith in London is the right call.

Our locksmith are on hand to help you, call us now on our phone number or visit our website for more information.

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