Warded Locks

Are you in need of locks for your doors to ensure maximum security of your home? Top Lock Smith offers a variety of locks. The warded locks is a type of lock among the many types we provide that is designed with a form of ward or obstruction within it that prevents the lock from unlocking when the wrong key is used to try to open it. This obstruction in the lock matches perfectly with its correct key which is also designed to have some sort of notches or slots. Warded locks keep your house secure as no one without the right key of the lock can be able to have access to your house.

We offer all types of warded locks of great quality and efficiency, depending on your security requirements and at a very affordable price. A warded lock is differentiated by their unique keyways which are also a very important basis used for picking the right warded lock. Warded locks have a very simple design which prevents the accumulation of a large quantity of dust and dirt in it. The primary security system of a warded lock is provided by the lever lock mechanism and by some other few means. Contact us today for your delivery.

Top Lock Smith offers you different ideas on how to pick the right warded lock that will suit your need or we could send a staff over to inspect and help you decide which will be suitable for you.

Types of warded locks

There are different types of warded locks, with different keyway designs and different key formations. We provide all these different types depending on your need. We install and repair damaged key locks at any time of the day and no matter your location.

Warded locks have been commonly known to be one of the oldest lock designs which have been in use since the ancient days of China and Rome. They were mostly used in monasteries for securing important items and properties. Warded locks since those ancient days have been modified may be made more complex in order to meet the modern needs of people. With this complexity, warded locks have now been known to serve more security purposes in many residential homes, small offices, shopping centers and many other places.

We provide you with good quality, durable and easily affordable locks that will keep your homes and offices secure and impenetrable. Our technicians and security specialists are always available at a 24/7 interval in case of emergencies such as being locked out of your house or losing your keys. We understand the situation and position of our customers and we ensure to come to your aid. Call us today at any time or at any location you may be and we will come to your aid.

Warded Lock Design

Warded locks are mostly simply designed locks that require little or no complications when being used. They are easy to understand but that doesn’t mean it makes them less secure than any other rather complicated locks. A warded lock has a designed obstruction in it that is composed of concentric plates that automatically prevents the rotation of the wrong key in it. For a warded key to open, the notches or slots designed in the key must correspond with the same number of wards in the warded lock which may be one ward or a lot of simple ward with different protrusions.

Warded locks are very useful in an outdoor environment and in a bad climate setting because their lack of non- moving parts gives them an advantage over bad elemental climate thereby giving them more longevity and resistance.

Top Smith Lock not only supplies, fixes and repair warded locks. We also deal in very large amounts. Are you into construction and building and need a very large quantity of warded locks for your project? We supply any quantity of locks with very good quality to your construction sites and help you fix them at a very reasonable price. Technicians are always well trained to be careful with customer’s properties, so you do not have to worry about damages on your construction sites. Call us now to get your high quality warded locks.

Our Repair Services

Are you locked out of your home or you forgot your keys? Was there a burglary incident in your house, office or shop and you currently have a broken lock and are stranded? Top Smith Lock provides you with a quick response and service to come to your aid. We change locks and provide you with extra keys to it or we can repair the lock if it is not damaged. We offer 24/7/365 services to all our customers. We use only high quality, durable and reliable materials to work and we always try to respond to every emergency within an hour or even less. Contact us and we will come to your aid as soon as possible.

Why You Should Call Us

  • Experienced locksmiths- Top Smith Lock over the last 4 years have been known for our quality locks and excellent repairs. We have worked with several good companies and our technicians have a lot of experience in repairing and fixing locks of all types.
  • Emergency friendly- we are your best bet in emergency situations. We come to your aid as quickly as possible at any time of the day and at any location. We provide punctual deliveries and quick fixes without wasting any more of your time.
  • Quality materials- all the supplies and materials used by our technicians for making repairs are always of very high quality. We also offer quality locks of the very best brand so you wouldn’t have to worry about making any repairs or changing the locks anytime
  • Well vetted and trained staff- we ensure maximum monitoring of all our staff to assure you of first-class Our staffs are friendly, fast and very efficient in all they do including making deliveries and repairs.

Call us today and we will make our services worth your time and money.

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