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Are you looking for a reliable and professional locksmith company in London that can examine your window locks to see if they would need repairs? Do you need to replace your old window locks to more effective and modern style ones? Is your window jammed and you need an expert in window locks to check it out and fix whatever issue there might be? TopLockSmiths is the ideal window repair service brand for you. With decades of experience in the lock industry, we have handled window lock problems even as early as 1am in the morning and sorted it all out. Our timely service delivery has made us the toast of many homeowners and construction companies, that is why we always make sure that we keep to our word whenever we make a promise.

Windows are one of the most underrated parts of a building’s entry system. Our services improve your home security by providing the suitable window locks required. We have secured locks for different window types, such as aluminium, timbre, and PVC frame windows. Our UPVC window locks use the diamond recommended/ 3-star kite-branded cylinder locks for strength and long-lasting quality. Your peace of mind and comfort are our priority, so we will always be at your beck and call no matter how serious the window lock issue might be. Call us today and let our loyal team of technicians come to your rescue to secure your home or business premises from any danger.

Fixing a Window Lock Problem

Whenever your window gets jammed and you cannot open it without the use of brute force that can take down the entire frame, we have reliable and well trained technicians who will come to check out if the window lock can be repaired or if it should be replaced. Having locks on your window is important and we make sure we do not leave any loop holes that will make your home vulnerable to intrusions. Once you give us a call, we will be in your location in an hour or less, and fixing your window lock shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Although, the time it takes varies according to the type of window you have and how badly damaged the lock is. Double hung windows for example, takes less time to repair it’s locks as compared to single hung windows, because you can actually move them easily and gain access from either sides of the window.

At TopLockSmiths, we make sure that any changes you wish to make is done in the way you desire. If you wish to change your locks to any modern type you like, we will check the type of window you have and give you the information or advice you need to know before we commence. We will not like a situation where there will be cosmetic damage to your house, office, window frames, hinges and so on. That’s why we fully train our technicians on the nitty gritty of window lock repairs so that you won’t have to worry about any further issue like replacing the entire window, window siding or painting that area of your home.

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Windows and Window Locks

Fixing window locks is not done is the same way as door locks are done. There are several steps that are taken in order to fully understand the technicality behind window lock repairs. There are different types of locks that are meant for particular kinds of windows. But first of all, we will let you in on the most common types of windows before going into the popular types of locks there are.

The most common windows you find in homes these days are the single hung windows. Homeowners basically use this window because it’s pretty affordable. The window is placed such that the upper panels is fixated while the bottom panel can slide vertically and blocks the upper panel when opened. But this limited motion doesn’t allow for much ventilation into your office or home. If you live in a double story home or work in a multiple story building, it will be difficult to work on the window as compared to single story buildings where the window can be easily accessed from the inside and outside of the ground floor. But there’s no need to worry, because TopLockSmiths have well trained professionals that can sort out any lock repair issue no matter how high your building is.

Double hung windows on the other hand are different from the single hung windows because you can easily open both panels without any blockades and this allows for a better ventilation as well. It is the direct opposite of the single hung window as it allows for easy care, maintainence and lock repairs. They are not as cheap as the single hung windows, but tend to become cost effective in the long run.

Casement windows, Awning windows and sliding windows are some of the other types of windows you will find in business places, homes and are used by construction companies in buildings. There are those that aren’t so easy to maintain or maneuver when they get jammed, that is why you need a window lock specialist from TopLockSmiths to sort out all the issues you might have – to enable you get back to your daily activities without any hassles.

Talking about window locks, different locks provide varying levels of security even though they perform the same basic function. The keyed lock is one of the most commonly used type of window lock. It’s operated by inserting the correct key before the window can either open or close. They usually work well when placed on the side of double hung windows. But then, there’s no need placing a keyed lock on all your windows so you don’t have a hard time keeping track of which key is meant for what window. Therefore,  Sliding locks can be used in lieu of keyed locks. They can be fitted within the window tracks or the side of the window, and can also be easily assembled.

There are the folding latch locks which are installed on the top panel of double hung windows, and they commonly used by business owners and homeowners. It allows a free flow of air into the room or your space due to how the window partially opens when the lock is operated. There are other locks like the lag screw locks (which involves drilling of screws into the panel’s washers), and the window latch lock – which are also very common because it allows you lock and unlock your window simultaneously.

Why You should Choose Us for your Window Lock Repairs

The process of fixing window locks is not one that can be done by just anybody because there is no set rules or strategy to repairing locks. Therefore, it will only take a professional locksmith to determine the extent of damage caused and figure out the next line of action. At TopLockSmiths, we hire the best hands in the locks industry to ensure that we provide you with the ultimate service delivery you seek – at prices you can afford. If your latch locks doesn’t work anymore or gets your window jammed for example, our team of technicians will determine if it’s due to rust, broken parts or poor maintenance. They will troubleshoot the lock to figure out the issue and how to repair it or replace it entirely – if need be.

If your sliding window starts to malfunction, you can check to see if there’s a material blocking it. If not, you can request for a locksmith to come check out what the problem is no matter where you are in London and it’s surroundings. We are approved by the police and we made use of quality hardware from top brands around the world to ensure your home or office is secure. Call us today and let’s give you real value for money with our satisfactory window locks repair service today.

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