Yale Locks

Yale Locks

Do you need digital door locks for the revolving door at your office or place of business? Are you looking for the perfect safe to keep your money, jewelries and other valuables? Yale Locks has got all you need. Touted as the world’s favorite lock company, this brand has been in the business of manufacturing different types of locks, safes and door handles for decades. We at TopLockSmiths acknowledge their excellent service delivery and we recommend their locks and products for every door and desk in any home and office.

At TopLockSmiths, we want to ensure that you save money while trying to secure your home or business premises, that’s why we go the extra mile to bring you products and services from top brands like Yale Locks. They have protected millions of homes and businesses around the world and are the company behind most of the locks you will find on doors, windows, desks and furniture – in more than 125 countries worldwide. If you need a wafer tumbler lock, pin tumbler lock, electronic locks and accessories from Yale Locks, call us today and we will deliver it to you in no time.

About Yale Locks

Yale locks is a lock manufacturing company that supplies the popular pin tumbler lock. This reliable brand is produces bespoke padlocks, window locks, door locks, door viewers, safes, security alarms and other types of security locks. Founded by Linus Yale in 1868, eight patents of its range of safe locks and door bolts where registered. It later became famous in the UK’s vehicle manufacturing industry and different brands used their locks – including Rolls Royce Motors. It is currently owned by Assa Abloy and supplies some of the best locks and security systems you cab find around.

At TopLockSmiths, we ensure that you make use of locks and security systems that protect your home and businesses from burglary or security breach. The history of Yale locks goes a long way in showing that you’re guaranteed of patented lock systems that stood the test of time. Instead relying on manufacturers that are still trying out their new products, you can take advantage of the products made by these grand masters of locks in the world and go to sleep everyday without any worries. If you need any particular design or size of locks and keys from Yale locks or you mistakenly locked yourself out without your keys, call us and we will be there for you no matter the time of the day.

About the Pin Tumbler Lock

Decades ago, Yale Locks invented their best know lock design – the pin tumbler lock which operates with the help of a cylinder mechanism. The pin tumbler lock is a lock mechanism that uses pins of varying lengths to prevent the lock from opening without the correct key. It’s outer casing has a cylindrical hole in which the plug or metal pin is housed. The lock mechanism uses pins of varying lengths to prevent the lock from opening, so you must use the correct key for the plug to rotate before the key opens.

The pin-tumbler design is based on a main barrel which is drilled so it has typically 5-6 cylinder slots that are set close together in a line. A metal pin, or “tumbler”, fits closely to the walls of each of the slots. A second metal pin, or “driver,” sits above the tumbler and is pushed down on the tumbler by a very small coil spring, which is permanently compressed as it sits inside the lock’s enclosed case.

Due to this technicality, Yale’s padlock range employs the latest design insights and materials to create the most secure and lasting locking solutions available on the market. Their new, smoother forms and finishes not only look and feel good but increase security ratings. With state-of-the-art design, new materials and usability knowledge, each lock has the maximum strength, security, and corrosion resistance for its specific use. At TopLockSmiths, we understand how much security and safety means to you. That’s why even if you pin tumbler lock has an issue by 5am in the morning or 9pm at night, we can come sort you out in due time without causing any hiccups in your daily routine. Instead of breaking down your office door or the front door of your home to get out your keys when you’re locked out without them, call us immediately and we will be there to secure your home like the Buckingham Palace.

Getting Yale Locks from TopLockSmiths

People around the world always look for new ways to secure their homes, properties, businesses, personal belongings and so on. When you’re building a house or getting new furniture for your office, you would want to ensure that too quality locks are used on the doors, windows, desks and many other areas. Getting a set of locks you can afford is one thing, and finding the right company that can install the locks is another. That’s why many people always go for Yale Locks, not just because of their pedigree in the world of locks and security systems, but also because of how affordable their products are.

At TopLockSmiths, we not only supply you with quality locks from Yale Locks, we also install them for you – no matter your location in London and it’s surroundings. If you already have pin tumbler locks or any other type of secure lock systems installed in your home or business premises, we have a robust ream of fully trained and well vetted technicians who understand what it takes to service and repair locks at your beck and call. Known as one of the most respected and oldest names in the lock industry, Yale locks are used by millions of people worldwide. Therefore,, if you get stranded outside your yard or business premises due to a jammed Yale lock or you accidentally locked the keys inside, call us right now and we will be there to sort out your lock issues in less than an hour.

Getting Real Value for Money

In the world today, getting a top brand that can provide you with secure padlocks, door locks, window locks, security alarms and smart locks is not as easy as finding a ball in the yard. Yale Locks make the finest, reliable and efficient secure locks you can find around. If there’s a particular design, size or model you need, let TopLockSmiths provide it for you. Call us today and let’s assist you in protecting your home or business as much as possible.


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